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Balloon Fillers

Balloon Fillers

JTC Valve Sales introduces mechanization in simplest of the tasks like filling large number of balloons. We intend to reduce human efforts by putting machines to work. Our helium balloon fillers have a standard rubber tilt valve, contents gauge and a built-in rubber cutter. This balloon filler is equipped with a hand-tight CGA-580 fitting that fits almost all the standard varieties of helium cylinders. These fillers/inflators have a strong, durable hand tight wheel that makes establishing connection with gas cylinders easy and quick.

When the job is to fill a large number of mylar or latex balloons, we recommend using these balloon fillers as they are designed to fill balloons uniformly so that there is no wastage due to overfilling. Some of the varieties come along with a contents gauge while some do not have one. At JTC Valve Sales, we ensure quality and durability of all our products while being rational when pricing them. Our helium balloon fillers/inflators have a forged brass body that feature hand tight connections made from plastic or brass. The inlet filters are made of bronze material and the rubber tilt valves are replaceable.

Our balloon Filler features include

  • Forged brass body,
  • Plastic or brass hand tight connections,
  • Replaceable rubber tilt valves, bronze inlet filters,
  • Brass push down mylar fill nozzles,
  • Auto shut off features
  • Repair parts and accessories are also available.
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