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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • A Guide to Industrial Valves - Types & Functions

    Cylinder Valves are typically the most useful component of any industrial equipment or machine. Thus, it is important to understand their functionality and types in detail. Although these are tiny items, valves control the working of most of the machines. The mechanical device blocks a pipe partially or fully to change the amount of liquid or gas that passes through it. This small but critical function of the valves cannot be neglected as a slight more or less amount of substance released from the valve can lead to hazardous disasters.

    Industrial valves regulate the pressure of gas or liquid it releases so that an apt amount is delivered and the best output is delivered. They are often made from plastic or metal and consist of different parts – the stem, the body, bonnet, trim, actuator, and packing. It is essential that all the parts of the valves are strictly adhered to each other at the right places as any defect may lead to serious accidents and even explosions.

    Here are some important valves:

    Check valves: Check Valves are used to allow a proper flow of air, liquids and steam/condense gases. They are flow sensitive and rely on the line fluid to open or close. Some valves like swing check valves allow automatically close when the pressure decreases and closes fully when the flow reaches to zero. These valves prevent the reverse flow in a piping system.

    Gas/Cryo Valves Gas/Cryo Valves : Series LPG Valves

    Gas/Cryo Valves: Specially designed for allowing the flow of cryogenic gases including Oxygen, LNG, and Nitrogen. The cryogenic valves ensure you durability and safety. Sherwood and Rego cryo valves are the best for use. Series LPG valves are popular cryo valves that are used to forklift trucks, engine fuel installations, RVs and over 1000 gallon water capacity tanks.

    Gate Valves: These valves can be opened or closed just by lowering the metal gates across them. However, you will have to completely open or close the valve as they may not function properly while partially open.

    Needle Valves: Needle valves function precisely and are mostly found in car engines, carburetors, and central heating systems.

    Relief Valves: These are tamper resistant valves designed for use with gases not only fluids. The relief valves are used in cryogenic relief containers and vapor line safety relief application.

    JTC Valve Sales

    JTC Valve Sales is a trusted dealer of all types of industrial valves, cluster valves, filler and unloading valves and compressed gas regulators. Our research and knowledge definitely add up value to our products. We understand that industrial products demand high-quality standards and so, adhere to the strictest automated testing processes before displaying products for sale.

    In case you have any queries, please contact us at 440-346-1259.

  • How to Wrap Industrial Pipes with WRC Approved Teflon Tapes

    Teflon adhesive tapes are industry essentials that are used to wrap the threaded ends of pipes (metal or plastic) to prevent any leakage at the joining. These are typically thin tapes used around the threads to foster lubrication during joining of pipes. You must have noticed that many times there are leakages from the thin gap that connect the male and female threads. Teflon tapes successfully fill in the gap between male and female threads and stop water leakages.

    Teflon Tape Jtc Valve Sales Teflon Tape JTC Valve Sales

    The way PTFE Teflon tapes work is not complicated but it is of course, tricky. While screwing, you need to be careful not to unwrap the tape. It is important to hold the plumbing tape in the right direction so as to tighten it every time you rotate the pipes.

    Stepwise instructions to use PTFE thread seal tapes:

    • The pipe thread tape must be held at the start of pipe threads and wrapped in the opposite direction of the threads.
    • Remember to keep the tape flat to avoid tangling.
    • Be not too harsh(to prevent through) neither too loose(to avoid tangles) with the sealant tapes
    • Continue the process until you reach to the end of pipe thread
    • Sometimes, you may require having 2 or 3 layers but not more than that. Though you may use drastically different materials, such as brass, copper or PVC, there will be no need of extra layers.

    A simple yet tricky method is easy if practiced in the right way. There are various kinds of Teflon tapes available in the market. Many online stores stock a good number of plumbing tapes manufactured under strict guidelines for industrial purposes. PTFE thread seal tapes have no additives or pigments and can be used on all applications including oil, water, medical, chemical and food processing where there are high non-contamination standards. The tapes can perform best within a temperature range of 450°F-550°F.

    JTC Valve Sales is one of the reliable sources for all your industrial valves and accessories. You can find high-quality products here and rely on our expert suggestions. Our team of professionals is committed towards the contributing extensively to the industry.

  • Check Whether your Helium Tanks are Refillable

    Helium tanks are industrial tanks made of aluminum containing helium – a chemically inert and non-flammable gas.  The tanks are an everyday essential for balloon inflators and are usually refillable. However, in the recent times, it is observed that some helium tanks are not refillable which is really not feasible. It is impossible to pile up empty helium tanks every time. Another important thing happens at times – they ask you to perform hydro testing.

    Let’s check out why hydro testing is important –

    When you are about to refill your helium tank, it is of vital importance to check for any hairline fractures in the metal body. Hydro testing is a process that puts the tank under high-pressure conditions. So, if the tank was damaged some way, the test indicates the danger and warns you not to refill it.

    Sometimes, you may find a star and a plus sign beside the date. The star mark indicates that you can refill the tank every 10 years and plus allows you to add more pressure to the helium tank.

    What if there is no valve to tell you that you need to refill –

    Well, if you don’t have valves, you need to keep a track of the balloons you have used as there is a general measure of how many balloons can be blown by a helium tank. A large tank fills up to 125 18” metallic balloons or 110 11” latex balloons. So, if you have filled 2 bags of large balloons or 4 bags of standard size balloons, know that you are close to refill. A better option is to purchase a valve to indicate you the pressure in the tank. This way, you will be able to read the tank pressure and save you from running out of helium at an emergency hour.

    Experts suggest to buying refillable helium tanks as they are more feasible and easy to use and refill. Helium is an inert gas and can be stored conveniently in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place. It is perfectly safe to store helium in these aluminum cylinders as it is rust and corrosion resistant.

    Industrial Cylinders Helium Industrial Cylinders

    Looking for a helium tank now?

    JTC Valve Sales’ quality refillable helium tanks made of aluminum are tested under strict quality measures. You just have to call us on 440-346-1259 and place your order. We will be happy to serve you!

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