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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • How to Secure Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders?

    The oxygen therapy is a critical but effective way of providing sufficient amount of oxygen to individuals undergoing surgical procedures or those under severe medical conditions. A major concern while using portable oxygen tanks is how to store the tanks safely because if not handled with care, the pressurized oxygen can lead to hazardous damages.

    Although the medical oxygen is stored in a pressurized manner in the oxygen tanks, they are exposed to different situations and settings. However, when proper care is taken in storing and using the tanks, we can minimize the occurrences of hazardous risks.

    Precautions to be taken around oxygen cylinders:

  • The tanks must be placed at a safe distance, approximately ten feet from fireplaces, candles, or any source of flame.
  • Electric appliances which result in sparks, such as the electric razors must be strictly out of the zone.
  • Any petroleum based products are better kept away from the person who is using the oxygen tank.
  • Ensure proper installation and functioning of smoke detectors.
  • Every room having the oxygen cylinders inside must be marked with a sign saying that no smoke or flames are allowed in the circumference.
  • If you are under home oxygen therapy, keep the fire department and other utility companies informed about the same.
  • Keep the tubing clean so that it does not mess with the furniture and is safe from tripping hazard.

  • During the manufacturing process of medical oxygen cylinders, they are cleaned and tested at every step thoroughly. However, after put to use, experts suggest to have the tanks retested every five years apart from following the general precautions to store them securely.

    Medical Cylinders Medical Cylinders

    If you are searching for one now, visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Medical-Cylinders/ to look through the specifications and place an order for precisely built oxygen medical tanks. JTC Valve Sales specializes in providing industrial parts, especially regulators and valves. So, while dealing with us, you do not have to worry about quality. We are established leading distributors of industrial products.

  • Sample Page

    This is an example page. It's different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this:

    Hi there! I'm a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my website. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin' caught in the rain.)

    ...or something like this:

    The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

    As a new WordPress user, you should go to your dashboard to delete this page and create new pages for your content. Have fun!

  • 7 Steps about How to Inflate a Helium Balloon Using Latex Inflators

    Helium balloons exist almost everywhere there is a celebration. And it’s simple too!

    Here are 7 easy and quick steps that will help you to inflate helium balloons on your own.

    1. Get a helium tank: Helium is required to fill in the balloons. You can either rent a tank or buy one. Renting is a good option if you rarely party. But if you party hard often, it is better to buy one and use all the helium in the cylinder till it lasts.
    2. Buy the balloons: Whoa! There is a huge variety out there. But don’t buy the normal rubber birthday balloons as they won’t stay afloat for long. Instead, the shiny mylar balloons of those made of latex would make a better choice.
    3. Place the valve over the nozzle of helium tank: Ensure that the valve end fits well into the open end of the balloon so that there is no leakage. Also, check the balloon for any holes.
    4. Switch on the balloon inflator to let the gas out: Now, you can allow the latex/mylar balloon filler to escape the gas at required pressure.
    5. Observe the inflation & stop when the balloon is full: Keep an eye on the balloon & check how much blown up you want it to be. Most of the mylar balloon inflators automatically shut off when the balloon is stretched to its maximum.
    6. Remove the balloon systematically: This would require a bit of diligence. You need to pinch the end of the balloon and stretch it to take it off the valve.
    7. Tie the string: There are balloon inflators that tie the balloons for you. However, you can also tie it on your own. Preferably, tie some sort of weight to the balloon so that it doesn’t fly off.

    It is really simple, isn’t it? Now, if you are looking out for ordering a balloon inflator that perfectly fits into your helium cylinder, contact 440-346-1259 to speak to the professionals of JTC Valve Sales, leading providers of industrial valves & regulators. Visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Latex-and-Mylar-Balloon-Fillers/ to browse through our list of offerings.

  • 5 Reasons to Use Pipe Thread Joint Compounds

    Pipe joint compounds are adhesive type mixtures that are either clear in color or look like white putty. These compounds are usually applied to the threaded ends of pipes that result into an airtight seal which in turn prevents water leakages. While you have the option of using thread sealant tapes like the Teflon tapes, there are a few reasons to convince you that the pipe dopes (pipe joint compounds) are better adhesives for your industrial purposes:

    1. Easier to apply: As the compounds are available in small as well as large containers along with a brush, users find it easy to apply on the threaded ends of pipes. Some users also use a piece of wood or even hand.
    2. Faster application: Although the joint compounds can be a bit messier, they are comparatively faster.
    3. No specific methodologies: Unlike the Teflon tapes, the joint compounds do not require diligent efforts while application. You can apply it in any direction irrespective of the direction of threads.
    4. More durable: The pipe dope connections are stronger and stay permanently intact for longer duration's. So, they are preferred wherever a permanent adhesion is required. However, for joints where parts have to be periodically replaced, Teflon tapes are a better alternative as they can be removed with ease whenever required.
    5. Safe & economical for low temperature/pressure applications: The pipe dopes or pipe glues are inexpensive and are adequate thread sealants for applications not involving high temperature and pressure settings.

    Thread Sealants  JTC Valve Sales Thread Sealants JTC Valve Sales

    Well, experts’ suggestions always prove beneficial and there is no permanent solution to every problem. Similarly, not a single thread sealant type can satisfy your requirement every time. There is variation in the models and you need to be well aware of the features of the kinds that are used for air or water connections.

    JTC Valve Sales is a team of expert professionals who are into the business of industrial equipment – regulators and accessories since years. You can browse for which sealant to select depending upon your specific requirements at https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Thread-Sealants/.

  • How Do You Prevent Overfilling of Helium Balloons?

    Filling or overfilling of balloons is a machine’s work now. It is no longer a cumbersome human task. Various varieties of balloon fillers have been introduced till date and every model possesses certain specifications. While these fillers are at work, you might be worried about any unexpected mishaps that could cause life-threatening damages. One of such dangers is helium leakage or bursting of the balloons on overfilling.

    The balloon inflators with push down valves are designed to fill both latex and/or mylar balloons with one unit. For your convenience, most of the mylar balloon inflators shut off automatically when the balloon is full. So, you do not have to monitor constantly. The mylar fillers are available with or without hand-tight connection and may or may not have cylinder contents gauge. The hand-tight cylinder connection doesn’t require a wrench for installation and the rubber tilt valve easily controls the gas and allows it to be replaced.

    Latex Push Down Inflators Latex Push Down Inflators

    The latex and mylar balloon fillers possess mechanisms that can offer desired shapes and sizes to your balloons. They also help in avoiding gas leakages and overfilling of gases. So, these are essential items in your industrial utility kit. Whenever you think of having a small get together or plan a grand celebration, just pull out the balloon inflator and start shaping helium into colors and shapes. It’s real fun at any age!

    Now, if you are looking out for a trusted source for purchasing quality balloon fillers for both mylar and latex balloons, JTC Valve Sales is the right place. We are industry players since years and have a range of unchallenged quality industrial products. You can browse through our online store and place an order when you find the product you are looking out for. Visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/balloon-inflators/ for more information.

  • Latex & Mylar Balloon Fillers – Comparison of E2802 Series Products

    Balloon Fillers are handy instruments needed to fill the bubbly and colorful decoration items called BALLOONS. Who would ever imagine a celebration without them? It has not been that easy now as before. In the earlier days, it was easily possible to fill air in the balloons manually. However, with the increasing number being used in functions and the variety of designs and shapes introduced, it has been impossible to blow up the huge numbers of balloons.

    To help you out to choose from the wide range of latex and mylar balloon fillers available on the market, here is the comparison:

    Item SKU     Image  Price Features
    E2802  E2802 $45.80 AUTO SHUT-OFF ON MYLAR

    The latex balloon inflators help event managers tremendously as they experiment a lot with these machines and their capabilities. The above table explains the features of all kinds of E2802 series balloon fillers. However, expert suggestions can help you more in making a choice that caters most to your specific requirements.

    JTC Valve Sales is a team of professionals who dedicatedly serve quality industrial equipment to the industry players. We have in stock almost all what you need from major equipment to accessories. Please browse our online store  https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Latex-and-Mylar-Balloon-Fillers/ & get the best fit for your requirement.

  • How Dust Caps Prevent Connectors from Wearing Out

    Looking for the smallest details in the industrial equipment is really crucial. are tiny instruments that are used to protect the pins of connectors when there are no cables attached to the loose end. Made of plastic or metal, these connector caps also shield against electromagnetic interference EMI issues. Many of the metal valve caps  covercome with an attached chain to secure the chassis. The metal chain ensures that the cap is not misplaced when it is disconnected for cable attachment.


    Here are some important points to be considered while using dust covers:

     Check whether the dust cap with an environmental protection rating according to the recent industrial standards.

     A metal dust cap is great for protecting the chassis from EMI or noise.

     It is advisable to secure the dust cap to the chassis so that the cap is there the next time it is needed.

     It is important to ensure that the chain is of an appropriate length as a longer chain may cover or prevent access to other connectors.

     In case, the cover is not permanently attached to the connector, leave room on the back panel so that the chain can be attached to the rear panel.

     While inserting the pipe end caps on a ferrule, don’t insert it all the way since small dust particles can accumulate the bottom of the cap.

     The smaller the eyelet or attachment point is, chain attachment point takes up that much less amount of rear panel space.

    You need to perform an extensive survey of the kinds of dust covers available as here are different models of rim dust covers depending on the type of gas or liquid flowing through the material. To choose a dust cap with a chain or a plug & chain instrument depends on upon your specific requirements. Knowledgeable experts are the ones you need to consult here. JTC Valve Sales has been industry leaders in the supply of industrial regulators/valves and their accessories. Having more than 24 years’ experience in serving industry needs, JTC Valve Sales serves its clients in the best possible manner.

  • All-Purpose Compatible Thread Sealants for Industrial Needs

    Sealant tapes are adhesives that act as filler smoothening out surface irregularities or micro abrasions on threads. They possess lubricant qualities that allow the male threaded pipe to be deep turned deeper into female threaded fittings and prevent leakage.

    Pipe thread sealants are small accessories making a lot of difference in gas connections. But you need to choose a proper kind of plumbers tape for securing your gases and liquids.

    AN Threads provide a positive seal that connects rigid metal tubing and flexible hoses that carry fluid.

    National Pipe Thread is a US standard for tapered threads used on threaded fittings and pipes.

    Although there is no strict rule, we can categorize permanent or semi-permanent joints to identify appropriate applications:

    Permanent Joints – The joints that are installed during the rough-in phase of plumbing are permanent joints. Experts suggest tightening PIPE DOPES the threaded connections on the main & zone valves on the gas as well as water distribution systems.

    Semi-permanent Joints – These joints are a typically during the final trim-out phase such as shower heads, fixture angle stops, shower arms or any joint which would require general and regular maintenance. Here comes the use of pipe thread sealants/sealant tapes.

    What are PTFE tapes?

    The plumbing tapes underwent an evolution and double density versions became popular. However, the use of same ‘white’ color for two different thicknesses posed a challenge during inspecting job. Thus, the yellow Teflon tapes were introduced for such applications.

    Tape color Description
    Yellow double density often labeled as “gas tape”
    White should only be used on NPT threads up to 3/8 inch in diameter, can be single or double density
    Pink required on all joints 1/2″ or larger, triple density
    Green Oil Free PTFE tape, required for use on all lines carrying oxygen (i.e. – medical oxygen or welding oxygen lines)

    You had been using the sealant tapes for many years. But now, you have a deeper understanding of when to use a kind of pipe sealing tape. Check whether a specific sealant tape is compatible with oxygen or any material that you wish to pass through the thread surrounded by the tape. Oxygen compatible thread sealant tapes are apt for use with oxygen cylinders.

    So, if you are interested in purchasing a sealant tape, get it from https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Thread-Sealants/. JTC Valve Sales is a trusted dealer when it comes to industrial equipment. The knowledge and experience of the team help you order just the perfect quantity and type of product that would satisfy your requirements. We don’t wish to burden you with unnecessary purchases.

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