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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Interesting Ideas to Inflate Foil Helium Balloons

    Some people are innately creative and have the knack of blowing up balloons while there are many who face difficulty. Helium balloons are comparatively easy to inflate. However, balloon inflator machines may help you better with the blowing than manual air filling. While the commonly shaped balloons don’t bother you much, they come in different difficult shapes too which are quite tough to blow air into. You need to have a certain experience, rather practice to do it close to how professionals do.

    If you are using a balloon air pump to blow up balloons, ensure that the balloons are away from your eyes and face. Also, avoid blowing up balloons by mouth as that could cause serious injuries if the balloon bursts. Instead, try one of our balloon inflator machines, especially the E2000HT latex balloon inflator model which features an auto shut-off mechanism. It enables you to get perfectly blown balloons and also reduce losses as you save the balloons from bursting. This model allows you to mix air (40%) with helium (60%) with a hand-tight connection. You can use this model for balloons sizing 11 inches or larger.

    The electric balloon air pumps are an easy method to inflate thousands of balloons. However, the problem arises when you have to blow up figure balloons. It requires years of practice or learning knacks from experts to blow up these odd and interesting characteristics shaped in latex.

    Here are some tips to inflate strange animal shapes:

  • Heat up the balloon by rubbing it between your hands.
  • Then inflate the ears by closing the other open ends of balloons. This will direct the air into one ear which will cause the other to inflate automatically.
  • Similarly, inflate the head and then the body.

  • Here, it is important to understand that inflating specially figured balloons with a mouth is almost impossible. You will definitely require a helium latex balloon filler or inflator which will ease your job and shape wonderful balloons. JTC Valve Sales is a leading provider of latex and mylar balloon fillers. The balloon fillers are always a worthy investment. Place your order by contacting JTC Valve Sales at 440-346-1259. Visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/balloon-fillers.html to choose the best balloon filler for you.

  • Ensure Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety with CGA Fittings

    Safety of compressed gas cylinders is essential for maintaining the industrial standards of safety. Fastest compressed gas products are manufactured in the USA and adhere to strict quality and testing processes before letting out their products for sale. Gas cylinder safety is a critical issue as if ignored, can lead to hazardous situations.
    CGA Fittings

    CGA Fittings

    The CGA fittings employ flexibility to the compression gas tubing. CGA 540, 580 and 870 connectors are the most commonly used connectors. FasTest connections offer the following advantages over the other competitive brands:

  • Simplified designs to have fewer seals for maintenance
  • Rapid replacement or refurbishment program to minimize downtime
  • Increased durability due to a single piece exterior body
  • Safety features to lock connectors under pressure
  • Minimized common failure points
  • CGA 580 fittings have no twist, no turn approach to filling
  • Compression fittings are easy to connect and suitable for pallet
  • Leak tight seal along with patented safety locking mechanism
    Gas cylinder storage would fetch in more efficiency when secured with compression fittings from Fastest, leading providers of CGA fittings. JTC Valve Sales allows you to select from a wide variety of branded compressed gas fittings for your specific requirements. To browse our collection, visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/cga-fittings.html or talk to our technicians at 440-346-1259. We will be happy to serve you.

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  • Sherwood 5983 Series Valves - 303 SS Packed Valves

    Specialty Valves are really dominating the valve industry as the flawless specifications they adhere to are difficult to attain. Sherwood Valves is a trusted manufacturer of such high-quality valves and complies with strict manufacturing and testing processes while the production of its valves.

    The 5983L Series made of s are spring loaded and packed wrench operated. These specialty valves are designed for use in corrosive gasses and tube trailer application as well as gas service. While you require uncompromising quality of valves for specialty gas applications, here are the features of 5983 series valves to fit into your specifications:

  • These spring loaded valves are made of 303 stainless steel
  • The valves can be operated with the help of a wrench
  • Due to their live loaded packing design, the valves provide constant load that ensures stem seal for the life of the valve
  • They are easy to operate, leak resistant and durable too with the Teflon packing
  • The body of these valves is designed to withstand extreme internal and external conditions
  • They possess one-piece stainless steel stem that provides positive shutoff in corrosive gas services with exceptional durability

  • JTC Valves is a provider of Sherwood valves and ensure quality products to its customers. We, as a team believes in extending our contribution to the industry by the means of high-quality valves and regulators. Please visit our website www.jtcvalvesales.com to have a look at our offerings or call us at 440-346-1259 to order your requirements. We will ship your product the same day!

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  • How do O-Ring Fits Stop Gas/Liquid Leakages

    An O-ring seal is a seal made of an elastomeric O-ring and a gland intended to prevent the loss of fluid or gas from within the cylinders. The assembly consists of the doughnut-shaped ring – circular cross-section ring molded from rubber and a gland which is usually cut into a rigid material such as metal.

    Any gas/liquid contained in a container must be imprisoned with the help of strong rubber seals which are essentially incompressible, viscous fluids having high surface tension. The O-ring seal yields of a softer material that are wholly or partially confined between two harder members of the assembly.

    Let us have a look at the peculiar characteristics of O-Ring:

  • There is no smearing or retightening with O-Ring.
  • The chances of structural damage are negligible as there is no critical torque on tightening.
  • It is cost-effective, lightweight and requires very little room.
  • O-Ring can be re-used unlike the other non-elastic rubber seals or crush type gadgets.
  • The seal is perfectly leak-proof for cylinders having fluid pressure up to 5000 psi
  • An O-Ring seals alternatively with pressure on one side and then on another.
  • For proper sealing action, O-Ring seals are radially compressed between the bottom of the seal groove and cylinder wall.
  • The O-Ring seals can be made to seal satisfactorily between reciprocating cylinders and pistons at any fluid pressure up to 5000 psi.
  • Interestingly, the O-Ring material allows it to be housed in a groove cut in the cylinder wall without any change in the seal performance.
  • O-Ring seals do not require any special assembly tools and can be stretched over large diameters for installation.
  • Seals made of O-Rings are extremely dependable due to their ruggedness and simplicity.
  • Cylinders with O-Ring seals are free from the loss and mishaps due to loss/leakage of gas or fluid. Industries prefer buying O-Ring seals online to order bulk quantities as it allows the buyer to select from the various O-Ring sizes available.

    JTC Valve Sales is among the trusted O-Ring suppliers in the country where you can find high-quality industrial supplies, majorly valves, regulators and their accessories. For any of your cylinder O-Ring requirements, kindly contact 440-346-1259.

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  • 3 Reasons Helium Tanks Are a Better Choice over Hydrogen Cylinders

    Hydrogen and Helium are two most common lifting gases. Although both can be used for inflating balloons due to their properties, helium is preferred more. Helium is lighter than air and so is hydrogen which enables the materials containing these gases to float in the air. However,

    Let us understand the reasons why helium attracts more attention for inflating balloons:

    • SAFETY: Helium definitely takes away the privilege with regards to safety. The major reason for preferring Helium is that it’s safe. When compared to Hydrogen which is explosive and highly inflammable, Helium is very inert and reacts mildly or negligibly with the surrounding environment. Using hydrogen is extremely dangerous as even slight exposure to heat, hydrogen-filled material like a balloon, may burst out flames leading to dangerous explosions.
    • ABUNDANCE: Available quantity of hydrogen is far more than that of helium. Probably this is the reason why helium tanks are rarely seen. Helium is a limited resource on the Earth and is created only by radioactive decay of the earth. However, human minds, with the assistance of scientific advancements, have found ways to extract helium that is sufficient to meet the required quantity.
    • PRICE: Hydrogen is cheaper than Helium. However, no one likes to risk his life to save a few cents. As the living standard of citizens has increased, they value quality more. So, price doesn’t matter much. Moreover, helium does not cost too high that it can’t be afforded.

    Helium balloon cylinders are mostly found in celebrations to blow air into balloons as parties are never complete without the colorful balloons. Helium balloons float beautifully when appropriately filled. For your convenience, there are many vendors who have helium tanks for sale at very reasonable prices. The helium canisters are available in different sizes and volumes so that you have the liberty of choice as per your specific needs.

    JTC Valve Sales have served the industry with high-quality industrial equipment since years. We have a wide variety of industrial tanks, cylinders, regulators and accessories for your specific requirements. All our products are tested under strict processes so that you receive a high-end quality product. Visit us at https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/ or contact 440-346-1259 to talk to us. We will be happy to serve you.

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