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3 Reasons Helium Tanks Are a Better Choice over Hydrogen Cylinders

Hydrogen and Helium are two most common lifting gases. Although both can be used for inflating balloons due to their properties, helium is preferred more. Helium is lighter than air and so is hydrogen which enables the materials containing these gases to float in the air. However,

Let us understand the reasons why helium attracts more attention for inflating balloons:

  • SAFETY: Helium definitely takes away the privilege with regards to safety. The major reason for preferring Helium is that it’s safe. When compared to Hydrogen which is explosive and highly inflammable, Helium is very inert and reacts mildly or negligibly with the surrounding environment. Using hydrogen is extremely dangerous as even slight exposure to heat, hydrogen-filled material like a balloon, may burst out flames leading to dangerous explosions.
  • ABUNDANCE: Available quantity of hydrogen is far more than that of helium. Probably this is the reason why helium tanks are rarely seen. Helium is a limited resource on the Earth and is created only by radioactive decay of the earth. However, human minds, with the assistance of scientific advancements, have found ways to extract helium that is sufficient to meet the required quantity.
  • PRICE: Hydrogen is cheaper than Helium. However, no one likes to risk his life to save a few cents. As the living standard of citizens has increased, they value quality more. So, price doesn’t matter much. Moreover, helium does not cost too high that it can’t be afforded.

Helium balloon cylinders are mostly found in celebrations to blow air into balloons as parties are never complete without the colorful balloons. Helium balloons float beautifully when appropriately filled. For your convenience, there are many vendors who have helium tanks for sale at very reasonable prices. The helium canisters are available in different sizes and volumes so that you have the liberty of choice as per your specific needs.

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