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5 Reasons to Use Pipe Thread Joint Compounds

Pipe joint compounds are adhesive type mixtures that are either clear in color or look like white putty. These compounds are usually applied to the threaded ends of pipes that result into an airtight seal which in turn prevents water leakages. While you have the option of using thread sealant tapes like the PTFE tapes, there are a few reasons to convince you that the pipe dopes (pipe joint compounds) are better adhesives for your industrial purposes:

  1. Easier to apply: As the compounds are available in small as well as large containers along with a brush, users find it easy to apply on the threaded ends of pipes. Some users also use a piece of wood or even hand.
  2. Faster application: Although the joint compounds can be a bit messier, they are comparatively faster.
  3. No specific methodologies: Unlike the PTFE tapes, the joint compounds do not require diligent efforts while application. You can apply it in any direction irrespective of the direction of threads.
  4. More durable: The pipe dope connections are stronger and stay permanently intact for longer duration's. So, they are preferred wherever a permanent adhesion is required. However, for joints where parts have to be periodically replaced, PTFE tapes are a better alternative as they can be removed with ease whenever required.
  5. Safe & economical for low temperature/pressure applications: The pipe dopes or pipe glues are inexpensive and are adequate thread sealants for applications not involving high temperature and pressure settings.

Thread Sealants  JTC Valve Sales Thread Sealants JTC Valve Sales

Well, experts’ suggestions always prove beneficial and there is no permanent solution to every problem. Similarly, not a single thread sealant type can satisfy your requirement every time. There is variation in the models and you need to be well aware of the features of the kinds that are used for air or water connections.

JTC Valve Sales is a team of expert professionals who are into the business of industrial equipment – regulators and accessories since years. You can browse for which sealant to select depending upon your specific requirements at https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Thread-Sealants/.

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