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Ballon Fillers

  • Interesting Ideas to Inflate Foil Helium Balloons

    Some people are innately creative and have the knack of blowing up balloons while there are many who face difficulty. Helium balloons are comparatively easy to inflate. However, balloon inflator machines may help you better with the blowing than manual air filling. While the commonly shaped balloons don’t bother you much, they come in different difficult shapes too which are quite tough to blow air into. You need to have a certain experience, rather practice to do it close to how professionals do.

    If you are using a balloon air pump to blow up balloons, ensure that the balloons are away from your eyes and face. Also, avoid blowing up balloons by mouth as that could cause serious injuries if the balloon bursts. Instead, try one of our balloon inflator machines, especially the E2000HT latex balloon inflator model which features an auto shut-off mechanism. It enables you to get perfectly blown balloons and also reduce losses as you save the balloons from bursting. This model allows you to mix air (40%) with helium (60%) with a hand-tight connection. You can use this model for balloons sizing 11 inches or larger.

    The electric balloon air pumps are an easy method to inflate thousands of balloons. However, the problem arises when you have to blow up figure balloons. It requires years of practice or learning knacks from experts to blow up these odd and interesting characteristics shaped in latex.

    Here are some tips to inflate strange animal shapes:

  • Heat up the balloon by rubbing it between your hands.
  • Then inflate the ears by closing the other open ends of balloons. This will direct the air into one ear which will cause the other to inflate automatically.
  • Similarly, inflate the head and then the body.

  • Here, it is important to understand that inflating specially figured balloons with a mouth is almost impossible. You will definitely require a helium latex balloon filler or inflator which will ease your job and shape wonderful balloons. JTC Valve Sales is a leading provider of latex and mylar balloon fillers. The balloon fillers are always a worthy investment. Place your order by contacting JTC Valve Sales at 440-346-1259. Visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/balloon-fillers.html to choose the best balloon filler for you.

  • How Do You Prevent Overfilling of Helium Balloons?

    Filling or overfilling of balloons is a machine’s work now. It is no longer a cumbersome human task. Various varieties of balloon fillers have been introduced till date and every model possesses certain specifications. While these fillers are at work, you might be worried about any unexpected mishaps that could cause life-threatening damages. One of such dangers is helium leakage or bursting of the balloons on overfilling.

    The balloon inflators with push down valves are designed to fill both latex and/or mylar balloons with one unit. For your convenience, most of the mylar balloon inflators shut off automatically when the balloon is full. So, you do not have to monitor constantly. The mylar fillers are available with or without hand-tight connection and may or may not have cylinder contents gauge. The hand-tight cylinder connection doesn’t require a wrench for installation and the rubber tilt valve easily controls the gas and allows it to be replaced.

    Latex Push Down Inflators Latex Push Down Inflators

    The latex and mylar balloon fillers possess mechanisms that can offer desired shapes and sizes to your balloons. They also help in avoiding gas leakages and overfilling of gases. So, these are essential items in your industrial utility kit. Whenever you think of having a small get together or plan a grand celebration, just pull out the balloon inflator and start shaping helium into colors and shapes. It’s real fun at any age!

    Now, if you are looking out for a trusted source for purchasing quality balloon fillers for both mylar and latex balloons, JTC Valve Sales is the right place. We are industry players since years and have a range of unchallenged quality industrial products. You can browse through our online store and place an order when you find the product you are looking out for. Visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/balloon-inflators/ for more information.

  • Is It Worth Investing In Latex Balloon Inflators?

    Latex Balloon Fillers Latex Balloon Fillers


    Ballooning is trending these days with increased number of parties. There are parties and celebrations every now and then calling for a need to have a beautifully decorated space every time. There is nothing easier and cheaper than a team of colorful balloons dancing at your occasion blowing up several minds. To assist in faster decorative arrangements, inventors have provided us with machines that lessen human efforts of blowing the balloons. These are named – Balloon Fillers or Balloon Inflators.

    Balloon fillers make your job easy but the question is – whether you need to buy one or just contact a company who can serve your purpose without adding just another tool in your tool kit. Well, that really depends!

    If you like to be aloof most of the times, you are definitely not a customer for balloon inflators. However, if you are a party person and love to gather people around for no big reason, you shouldn’t waste any more time and order an inflator for yourself. So, you could concentrate more on thinking of crazy ideas to surprise your guests than spending hours filling air into the balloons.

    In the market, you will find three types –

    1. Latex Balloon Fillers
    2. Mylar Balloon Fillers
    3. Latex and Mylar Balloon Fillers

    Depending on the type of balloons you are using, you can choose the type of balloon inflator. To ease the process, here is the link where you can go through the features and place on order. https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/balloon-inflators.html

    At JTC Valve Sales, we have the perfect balloon fillers you were long looking out for. But we don’t just want to make sales. We focus on satisfying our customers with the highest quality standard materials. Therefore, you can trust our suggestions and purchase our products without giving it a second thought. Our balloon fillers come with a cylinder gauge and may have hand tight connections too. Get your instrument now and save both money and time for the next bash at your place.

  • Latex Balloons & Balloon Fillers – The Lesser Known Facts

    Latex Balloon Fillers Latex Balloon Fillers

    Balloons are exciting, aren’t they? They pop, they fly & they cheer you up. Balloons are probably the only thing that still rules the decoration industry since 1824. However old you grow, the popping sound of a balloon is sure to startle you.

    The advancements in technology evolved a variety of balloon types from the plane, single-colored ones to colorful & printed pieces. Inventors also brought in balloon fillers to the market for ease and convenience of users. The creative designers introduced amazing printed patterns into balloons and brainstormed new ideas for the modern buyers.

    Some interesting facts

    • Balloons were invented in the New England during the Great Depression
    • Latex balloons are a product of rubber trees. Latex harvesting doesn’t hurt trees as it is collected in a cup by cutting the tree’s bark
    • They are 100% plastic-free
    • The rate at which a latex balloon degrades is the same as a leaf from an oak tree (under similar environmental conditions)
    • Latex balloons care for Mother Earth as rubber trees grow in rain forests and a single tree can produce latex for up to 40 long years!
    • The speed of sound in rubber is much higher than that in the air. This creates a sonic boom when a hole is made in an inflated balloon
    • Balloons filled with helium float as helium weighs lighter than nitrogen & oxygen

    What are latex balloon inflators & why are they required?

    Humans can easily blow balloons. You will be surprised to know that inflating balloons is a very good exercise for your cheek muscles and is also recommended by physiotherapists to treat cases of facial paralysis.

    Are you wondering that if one can easily inflate a balloon, why are mechanical inflators even required? It is because balloons are used extensively for every possible occasion – small or big and it is practically impossible to blow them up. Inflators make it easy to inflate a huge quantity of balloons and make them equally sized too. Hand tight connections, pressure regulators, contents gauges, string cutters and cut-off function are some features you must look into before purchasing balloon fillers.

    One latex balloon inflator is enough for all the functions and parties at your home. If you are planning a bigger event, you may obviously require more numbers. JTC Valves Sales have a good variety of economically priced latex balloon fillers for you. Contact our experts for suggestions as to which model is the best for you. They will definitely guide you to choose the one which makes a good long-term investment.

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