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Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

  • To Produce Drinkable Beer, Choose The Right Carbon Dioxide Cylinder

    Carbon Dioxide Cylinders Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

    In a draft beer system, carbon dioxide plays a very vital role. To produce the perfect beer, the right carbon dioxide cylinders with CO2 regulators are a crucial tool for home draft systems. If you are looking out for CO2 cylinders for home brewing, keep in mind:

    • Efficiency
    • Portability
    • A space where you will fix the carbon dioxide cylinder
    • The size of the cylinder from 2.5 lbs to 20 lbs
    • Material used for the CO2 cylinder, either stainless steel or aluminum

    Understanding the compressed gas

    Gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen are compressed at room temperature. As the temperature reduces they become liquid or solid. As the cylinder gets heated, the gases expand, pressure increases and the cylinder gets hotter. This makes it necessary to have a good quality CO2 regulator.

    Carbon dioxide expands rapidly when the tank gets hotter. CO2 is filled at low temperatures ranging between -57 to -78 degrees at which the gas exerts a pressure of 100 PSI. At room temperature the pressure exerted on the walls of the carbon dioxide cylinder is 850 psi, which can go up to 2000 psi at 110 degrees.

    What you should consider for the draft beer system

    • What is the size of the CO2 cylinder you require
    • Keep the carbon dioxide cylinder and the beer keg cold as CO2 will infuse more efficiently at lower temperatures
    • The double gauge CO2 regulator is recommended so you know the gas that remains in the cylinder

    Models of CO2 cylinders available

    Carbon dioxide cylinders are available in different size from 1.25 lbs for service pressure of 1800 psi, manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6, with thread sizes from B5 and larger with 1.145 to 12 thread size.

    Understand the CO2 regulator

    There are two kinds of carbon dioxide regulators, single gauge and double gauge. The single gauge regulator is a primary regulator that lets the user control the gas flow. The double gauge regulator serves a dual purpose of letting the user control the gas output as well as let you know how gas still remains in the carbon dioxide cylinder.

    For a home draft beer system, you can use a single gauge regulator unless the tank is more than 20 pounds.

    Whether you are searching for CO2 cylinders or CO2 regulators, the most reliable and high quality carbon dioxide cylinders and regulators are available at JTC Valve sales. Every product available here is manufactured in the USA, approved by the CGA and comes with ISO standardization. To find any valve, cylinder, hose or regulator, simply visit JTC Valve sales and find the product that is reliable and safe for your use.

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