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Co2 Draft Beer Kegerator Regulator

  • Why That Extra Foam? Know How to Use Your Beer Regulators

    This monster-like thing inside your Kegregator controls almost everything in your draft beer system except the temperature. Gas cylinders contain carbon dioxide at a pressure measuring in the hundreds of pounds per square inch. The beer keg CO2 regulators allow you to control the gas flow from the cylinder into beer via the keg as it is dangerous to work with.

    Beer Tap Regulators

    Adjusting the pressure going into the keg is just a matter of turning the gas on with the cylinder valve, closing the shut-off valve that is connected to the hose going to the keg and then turning the screw clockwise in order to decrease the pressure.

    Tired of a Foamy Beer? There is a 95% possibility that it’s a temperature problem. Also, the way you pour your beer is responsible for the extra foamy beer. Ensure quick opening of the faucet with one quick steady motion not partially or too slowly and you will get just the correct amount of foam.

    Before that, you must understand how to set your gas and regulator. Read the following instructions clearly and you are sure to compete with the professional bartenders:

    Step 1: Make sure that the cylinder is held upright (don’t rely only on the hose) as otherwise the unregulated gas will escape creating a chaotic situation all around.

    Step 2: Clean the contamination from the valve. Turn the pressure adjusting knob fully in a counterclockwise direction and close the shut off valve.

    Step 3: Mount the regulator on the cylinder and tighten it with a wrench. Ensure that the gauge faces you and the outlet is facing down. The regulator outlet fitting is ready to be connected to the product gas house.

    Step 4: Open the cylinder valve and the shut off valve on the regulator fully to check for any leaks.

    Step 5: It’s time to set the pressure. Slowly turn the adjustment knob clockwise until the desired operating pressure is shown by the output gauge on the regulator.

    The CO2 beer Kegregator regulator for home dispense is an exciting way to enjoy a professionally foamed up the beer glass in a home setting. JTC Valve Sales stocks beer and beverage tap regulators with detailed instructions for you to experience a professional drink at your convenience. We have a good stock of high pressure double gauge nitrogen & CO2 beer regulators. Place an order and it will reach you the same day!

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