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Draft Beer Equipments, Tap Beer Regulators Are Most Crucial!

The winter is at the fag end, very soon we will be facing the dreaded summer of USA and find solace in tap beer. Why not brew your own beer and party with family/friends when you feel like? Brewing beer is not as complicated as it sound, especially if you have the right equipment. A brief about the beer brewing set to quench your thirst!

Tap handle : It is also called as the faucet handle, the lever when pulled forward pours the beer is screwed into the draft beer faucet

Draft beer faucet : it is the tap from which the beer is dispensed. There are different qualities of draft beer faucets available with different features

Shank : This part connects the beer line to the faucet. It is usually a chrome plated brass tube

Beer line: A piece of food grade plastic tubing, which connects the rear end of the shank to the keg coupler

Keg coupler: The keg coupler is attached to the flange atop the keg to let the gas in

Air line: Is a food grade tubing that connects the regulator to the coupler for air flow that helps in dispensing the beer

Regulator: The regulator connects the beer dispenser parts to the CO2 or nitrogen tank, which ensures that the brew is dispensed at the correct pressure and lets you know how much gas is remaining in the tank for dispensing efficiency.

Why the regulator is crucial for beer brewing?

The amount of gas dispensed into the beer determines the taste and stability of the draught beer. Different beers require different gases to be blended to develop the flavor for that beer. A nitrogen beer like Guinness will have a lesser percentage of carbon dioxide and more of nitrogen. Different pressures are required to dispense the different kinds of beers. A higher pressure is required for stout beer to acquire a creamy, cascading froth. The right blend of CO1 and nitrogen applied at the correct pressure will give a high quality beer that tastes great.

Types Of Tap Beer Regulators:

To serve a great tasting beer, use beer tap gas regulators available at JTC Valve Sales. Each regulator, manufactured by Taprite, used for beer and beverage dispensing is designed to provide maximum gas flow, to operate at ranges as required and tested in accordance with UL standard 252 and UL252A. Click here now, as your search  for the right beer regulators begins here.

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