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Dust Cap

  • How Dust Caps Prevent Connectors from Wearing Out

    Looking for the smallest details in the industrial equipment is really crucial. are tiny instruments that are used to protect the pins of connectors when there are no cables attached to the loose end. Made of plastic or metal, these connector caps also shield against electromagnetic interference EMI issues. Many of the metal valve caps  covercome with an attached chain to secure the chassis. The metal chain ensures that the cap is not misplaced when it is disconnected for cable attachment.


    Here are some important points to be considered while using dust covers:

     Check whether the dust cap with an environmental protection rating according to the recent industrial standards.

     A metal dust cap is great for protecting the chassis from EMI or noise.

     It is advisable to secure the dust cap to the chassis so that the cap is there the next time it is needed.

     It is important to ensure that the chain is of an appropriate length as a longer chain may cover or prevent access to other connectors.

     In case, the cover is not permanently attached to the connector, leave room on the back panel so that the chain can be attached to the rear panel.

     While inserting the pipe end caps on a ferrule, don’t insert it all the way since small dust particles can accumulate the bottom of the cap.

     The smaller the eyelet or attachment point is, chain attachment point takes up that much less amount of rear panel space.

    You need to perform an extensive survey of the kinds of dust covers available as here are different models of rim dust covers depending on the type of gas or liquid flowing through the material. To choose a dust cap with a chain or a plug & chain instrument depends on upon your specific requirements. Knowledgeable experts are the ones you need to consult here. JTC Valve Sales has been industry leaders in the supply of industrial regulators/valves and their accessories. Having more than 24 years’ experience in serving industry needs, JTC Valve Sales serves its clients in the best possible manner.

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