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GV Series - Tapered Thread

  • An Insight Into Industrial Gas Valves

    Industrial Gas Valves Industrial Gas Valves

    Valves are devices that control the flow of liquids or gases in a system. Valves used in almost all industries ranging from farming, water, chemical, food and beverage industries. We never bother to give a thought to valves though they are a crucial part for the successful and safe running of any system.

    How are valves made?

    Valves have many parts which are made of plastic or metal. The outer part is usually made of metal and is called the seat. This is usually a solid outer casing which seats an inner soft seal made of plastic or rubber which ensures tight closure of the valve. The body is that part of the valve which opens or closes the valve and snugly fits in the seat when closed. The opening and closing of the valve is a mechanical movement which is controlled by a lever, handwheel, faucet or an automated mechanism.

    What material is used to make valves?

    The Valve body is generally constructed from bronze, brass, iron, stainless steel or plastic. The valve may be made from one material or a combination of materials. The trim that is exposed to the flow media is made from material that is resistant to the corrosion due to the flow media.

    Classification of valves

    Valves can be classified as per their design and functions. They can also be classified as per the material that is used for construction, the end connection or the temperature-pressure rating. The valve is stated by the NPS (nominal pipe size) which must match the NPS of the line in which it is to be connected.

    Every material has a pressure limit and temperature limit according to which various valves are designed for various purposes. If the valve is exposed to pressure or temperature that exceeds the limit specified in the manual, the valve will not function efficiently.

    Working of safety valves

    Valves are used in systems that contain flammable liquids, toxic chemicals, high pressure steam, compressed air or such contents that cannot be allowed to escape. Valves are controlled manually or automatically. A closed valve should not let any liquid or gas escape or flow through once it is closed. Pressure builds up in the container due to change in temperature, movement or storage. Any increase in pressure may lead to the catastrophic bursting of the container/cylinder which causes loss of life and property. A safety valve that is used in these systems, automatically opens to release the pressure inside the container thereby prevent explosion.

    Valves and safety valves are integral for the safe and reliable working of any system. JTC valve sales is the leading stockist for best quality industrial gas valves that are manufactured by Sherwood and Rego. The different types of valves are:

    • 1206A Series, Ammonia Valves
    • BV Series-Hi/Low Pressure Regulating Valves
    • GRPV Series- Residual Pressure Retaining Valves
    • GV Series- European Inlet Valve
    • GV Series- Manifold Valve, Tapered Thread, Straight Thread,
    • GVHM Series- Ultra High Pressure Valves
    • MVHM Series- Monel Valves
    • SVHM Series – Stainless Steel Valves

    For your safety, proper functioning of your system and for reliability use industrial gas valves that are manufactured by USA companies like Sherwood and REgo. Every product manufactured here are ASME certified, TOED ADR IS inspection certificate and as per ISO 9001 norms. JTC Valve sales stocks industrial gas valves that come with all the certifications and approvals for your safety.

    Find every industrial gas valve at this leading portal. if you do not find what you are looking for, simply contact us as we can quickly locate your required valve from our well stocked warehouse.

  • Choose The Right Industrial Gas Valve

    Industrial Gas Valves Industrial Gas Valves

    Gas valves are used to control the flow of liquids and gases. The gas valves are made from different materials, various sizes, different size of inlet and outlet connections, flow rate, pressure rating and the number of ports. The connection maybe unions, clamps, bolt flanges, butt or socket welds with internal or external threads.

    How are Industrial gas valves made?

    Industrial gas valves are made from metal or plastic. The outer part is called the seat which is hard while the inner lining is made of soft material to enable the valve to close tightly. The moving inner part of the valve that opens or closes is called the body and it fits into the seat. The valves open or close either by a handwheel, a manual lever or can be automated like in car engines.

    Valves are broadly classified as:

    • Angle valve release the content at an angle for maximum flow
    • Balancing valve maintains the consistency in temperature by compensating for the pressure drop
    • Ball valve encourages tight shutting off the gas valve
    • Butterfly valve offers unidirectional flow
    • Block and bleed valve
    • Diaphragm valve separates the flow of contents from the closing element
    • Diverter and directional valve guides the flow through a certain passage
    • Gate and globe valve shuts the valves with a linear motion
    • Metering valves are mixing valves that are used for specialized applications
    • Needle valve has a tapered point at the end of the valve stem
    • Stop cock valve is used for throttling applications

    Specialized industrial gas valves are:

    GV series- European inlet valve is designed for use in every country. The valve is 100% helium leak tested and the metal to metal seal below the bonnet threads prevent pressure at the top of the valve body which offers maximum safety to the user.

    GV series straight thread valves are usable around the world. The heavy duty forged brass body offers higher durability, while the plug design provides excellent flow characteristics and tamper resistance.

    GV series, straight thread chrome plated gas valves are made from heavy duty forged brass and every component is precisely machined to meet the international valve performance standards.

    GV series manifold valves are fitted with a unitized plug designed pressure relief device to match international performance standards.

    GV series tapered thread valves are manufactured at the automated assembly line, which ensures superior quality. The direct drive stem design is optimized with an O ring or a double O ring that reduces friction and is easily operated at lower torques.

    GV series tapered thread, chrome plated valve is made from heavy duty forged brass body for durability at high pressure. The inlet and outlet threads are internal and external at the different ports. Various configurations are available for a wide base of customers worldwide.

    The high purity GV series valves are used in cylinders containing welding gas mixtures, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. JTC Valves sales stocks the best quality of industrial gas valves that are manufactured by Sherwood/Rego, the leading valve manufacturers in the USA. Every valve of the GV series is made from the best quality forged brass, every internal part is machined for precision and an automated assembly and testing process ensures a quality gas valve.

    The Gas valves are widely used in various industries that include agriculture, maritime, mining, construction, cryogenic, food service, flood control, medical, pulp and paper, irrigation, food processing, automotive and semiconductor to list a few.

    Your search for the best quality gas valves ends here at JTC valve sales. Find the valve that you require, if it is not listed on the website, that gas valve is definitely at the warehouse. Contact now for all your GV series requirement and avail the best offer for the highest quality product.

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