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  • Know More about Inertrol Outfit for McGraw Edison Transformer

    McGraw Edison Transformer has a history. Max McGrow found a company – ‘McGrow Electric’, which was in the business of installing electricity in houses. Gradually, they expanded to industrial & commercial buildings and through the years, grew into a manufacturer of electrical products. McGrow Edison Co. was established in 1957, when McGrow Electric Company acquired Thomas A. Edison. Out of the many electric components manufactured by the company is the McGrow Edison Transformer. Here, we are going to know the details of the Inertrol Outfit that is used in the making of the transformer.

    The Inertrol Outfit is an important part of the McGrow Edison Transformer. The Inertrol outfits are 3-stage nitrogen regulators that are designed to maintain oil-filled transformer atmospheres at 0.5 PSIG. Every inertrol outfit consists of a two-stage regulator that is connected in series to a highly sensitive single-stage regulator, which maintains the pressure. A built-in third stage regulator provides protection against over-pressurization of the system. Some of the inertrol outfits have an alarm switch that notifies a customer equipped warning device if the cylinder drops below 300 PSIG.

    Inertrol Outfit for McGraw Edison Transformer JTC Valve Sales

    Key Features of the Inertrol Outfit for McGrow Edison Transformer:

    • Heavy-duty aluminium & brass construction offers durability and resists corrosion.
    • Pressure adjusting screw helps protect against any tampering by unauthorized professionals.
    • Offers maximum inlet pressure of 3000 PSIG.
    • A special by-pass valve allows for quick filling of the transformer (4289 series).
    • Large diameter diaphragm in the third stage regulator provides precise control of the gas flow.

    To save on online searches for the Inertrol outfit, JTC Valve Sales can help you with the highest quality of this product manufactured by Rego – a leading and trusted the manufacturer of the industrial material. We have been in the business of offering quality industrial products at competitive pricing. Contact us at 440-346-1259 and visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/inertrol-outfit-for-mcgraw-edison-transformer.html for more details.

  • How Are Needle Valves Different From Flow Control

    Needle valves are a much-needed kind of valve in every gas industrial set up. The valves closely resemble globe valves in design and function except that they have a pointed end instead of the disk at the end of the valve system. It is the piercing point that possibly has given it the name – Needle Valves’. They are designed to control the flow of substances released by pressure, flow and direction and have the ability to shut-off the flow entirely. These valves actually turn 90° before it passes through an orifice followed by a cone-shaped tip to let the substance inside flow at low pressures.

    The Difference

    Both – the Needle valves & the Flow control valves are used to control the flow of air in the leg of a pneumatic circuit, which influences the actuator speed, and intentionally the flow is reduced. What differentiates the needle valves from the flow control valves is that the former is bi-directional whereas the latter controls the flow in one direction only.

    There is a finely threaded stem in both the fittings, which allows gradual adjustment of the quantity of controlled flow passing through the valve. The flow control fitting includes a simply by-pass feature that ensures a rapid and free flow.

    The Needle Valve Threads

    The four main categories of needle valves are - coarse, fine, wetted and non-wetted. Due to the fine threads, these highly functional valves offer an improved control. On the other hand, valves featuring coarse threads offer maximum flow and not enough precision. The wetted threads are exposed to the material/substance inside whereas the non-wetted threads remain dry as they are not exposed to any system.

    The Needle Valve Seals

    There are three types of seals used in the needle valves – metal, metal to plastic & metal to metal, that make them so useful. For regulation of gas flow, plastic to metal type of seal creates a larger seal area. If you want to regulate the flow of fluids, you can use the metal to metal seals.

    Needle valves, by their design & utility, are essentially required for industrial set-ups to allow pressure to be added/ relieved in very small increments. If you wish to place an order now for the very useful industrial equipment, visit the most popular online store https://www.jtcvalvesales.com where the industries find any and every kind of equipment needed. You can call us directly on 440-346-1259 to confirm the availability. We never run out of stock.

    Needle Valves - JTC Valve Sales                                      Needle Valves - JTC Valve Sales

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  • 3 Reasons Helium Tanks Are a Better Choice over Hydrogen Cylinders

    Hydrogen and Helium are two most common lifting gases. Although both can be used for inflating balloons due to their properties, helium is preferred more. Helium is lighter than air and so is hydrogen which enables the materials containing these gases to float in the air. However,

    Let us understand the reasons why helium attracts more attention for inflating balloons:

    • SAFETY: Helium definitely takes away the privilege with regards to safety. The major reason for preferring Helium is that it’s safe. When compared to Hydrogen which is explosive and highly inflammable, Helium is very inert and reacts mildly or negligibly with the surrounding environment. Using hydrogen is extremely dangerous as even slight exposure to heat, hydrogen-filled material like a balloon, may burst out flames leading to dangerous explosions.
    • ABUNDANCE: Available quantity of hydrogen is far more than that of helium. Probably this is the reason why helium tanks are rarely seen. Helium is a limited resource on the Earth and is created only by radioactive decay of the earth. However, human minds, with the assistance of scientific advancements, have found ways to extract helium that is sufficient to meet the required quantity.
    • PRICE: Hydrogen is cheaper than Helium. However, no one likes to risk his life to save a few cents. As the living standard of citizens has increased, they value quality more. So, price doesn’t matter much. Moreover, helium does not cost too high that it can’t be afforded.

    Helium balloon cylinders are mostly found in celebrations to blow air into balloons as parties are never complete without the colorful balloons. Helium balloons float beautifully when appropriately filled. For your convenience, there are many vendors who have helium tanks for sale at very reasonable prices. The helium canisters are available in different sizes and volumes so that you have the liberty of choice as per your specific needs.

    JTC Valve Sales have served the industry with high-quality industrial equipment since years. We have a wide variety of industrial tanks, cylinders, regulators and accessories for your specific requirements. All our products are tested under strict processes so that you receive a high-end quality product. Visit us at https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/ or contact 440-346-1259 to talk to us. We will be happy to serve you.

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