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How to Wrap Industrial Pipes with WRC Approved PTFE Tapes

PTFE adhesive tapes are industry essentials that are used to wrap the threaded ends of pipes (metal or plastic) to prevent any leakage at the joining. These are typically thin tapes used around the threads to foster lubrication during joining of pipes. You must have noticed that many times there are leakages from the thin gap that connect the male and female threads. PTFE tapes successfully fill in the gap between male and female threads and stop water leakages.

PTFE Tape Jtc Valve Sales PTFE Tape JTC Valve Sales

The way PTFE PTFE tapes work is not complicated but it is of course, tricky. While screwing, you need to be careful not to unwrap the tape. It is important to hold the plumbing tape in the right direction so as to tighten it every time you rotate the pipes.

Stepwise instructions to use PTFE thread seal tapes:

  • The pipe thread tape must be held at the start of pipe threads and wrapped in the opposite direction of the threads.
  • Remember to keep the tape flat to avoid tangling.
  • Be not too harsh(to prevent through) neither too loose(to avoid tangles) with the sealant tapes
  • Continue the process until you reach to the end of pipe thread
  • Sometimes, you may require having 2 or 3 layers but not more than that. Though you may use drastically different materials, such as brass, copper or PVC, there will be no need of extra layers.

A simple yet tricky method is easy if practiced in the right way. There are various kinds of PTFE tapes available in the market. Many online stores stock a good number of plumbing tapes manufactured under strict guidelines for industrial purposes. PTFE thread seal tapes have no additives or pigments and can be used on all applications including oil, water, medical, chemical and food processing where there are high non-contamination standards. The tapes can perform best within a temperature range of 450°F-550°F.

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