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latex balloon inflator

  • Latex Balloons & Balloon Fillers – The Lesser Known Facts

    Latex Balloon Fillers Latex Balloon Fillers

    Balloons are exciting, aren’t they? They pop, they fly & they cheer you up. Balloons are probably the only thing that still rules the decoration industry since 1824. However old you grow, the popping sound of a balloon is sure to startle you.

    The advancements in technology evolved a variety of balloon types from the plane, single-colored ones to colorful & printed pieces. Inventors also brought in balloon fillers to the market for ease and convenience of users. The creative designers introduced amazing printed patterns into balloons and brainstormed new ideas for the modern buyers.

    Some interesting facts

    • Balloons were invented in the New England during the Great Depression
    • Latex balloons are a product of rubber trees. Latex harvesting doesn’t hurt trees as it is collected in a cup by cutting the tree’s bark
    • They are 100% plastic-free
    • The rate at which a latex balloon degrades is the same as a leaf from an oak tree (under similar environmental conditions)
    • Latex balloons care for Mother Earth as rubber trees grow in rain forests and a single tree can produce latex for up to 40 long years!
    • The speed of sound in rubber is much higher than that in the air. This creates a sonic boom when a hole is made in an inflated balloon
    • Balloons filled with helium float as helium weighs lighter than nitrogen & oxygen

    What are latex balloon inflators & why are they required?

    Humans can easily blow balloons. You will be surprised to know that inflating balloons is a very good exercise for your cheek muscles and is also recommended by physiotherapists to treat cases of facial paralysis.

    Are you wondering that if one can easily inflate a balloon, why are mechanical inflators even required? It is because balloons are used extensively for every possible occasion – small or big and it is practically impossible to blow them up. Inflators make it easy to inflate a huge quantity of balloons and make them equally sized too. Hand tight connections, pressure regulators, contents gauges, string cutters and cut-off function are some features you must look into before purchasing balloon fillers.

    One latex balloon inflator is enough for all the functions and parties at your home. If you are planning a bigger event, you may obviously require more numbers. JTC Valves Sales have a good variety of economically priced latex balloon fillers for you. Contact our experts for suggestions as to which model is the best for you. They will definitely guide you to choose the one which makes a good long-term investment.

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