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Medical Oxygen Cylinders

  • How to Secure Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders?

    The oxygen therapy is a critical but effective way of providing sufficient amount of oxygen to individuals undergoing surgical procedures or those under severe medical conditions. A major concern while using portable oxygen tanks is how to store the tanks safely because if not handled with care, the pressurized oxygen can lead to hazardous damages.

    Although the medical oxygen is stored in a pressurized manner in the oxygen tanks, they are exposed to different situations and settings. However, when proper care is taken in storing and using the tanks, we can minimize the occurrences of hazardous risks.

    Precautions to be taken around oxygen cylinders:

  • The tanks must be placed at a safe distance, approximately ten feet from fireplaces, candles, or any source of flame.
  • Electric appliances which result in sparks, such as the electric razors must be strictly out of the zone.
  • Any petroleum based products are better kept away from the person who is using the oxygen tank.
  • Ensure proper installation and functioning of smoke detectors.
  • Every room having the oxygen cylinders inside must be marked with a sign saying that no smoke or flames are allowed in the circumference.
  • If you are under home oxygen therapy, keep the fire department and other utility companies informed about the same.
  • Keep the tubing clean so that it does not mess with the furniture and is safe from tripping hazard.

  • During the manufacturing process of medical oxygen cylinders, they are cleaned and tested at every step thoroughly. However, after put to use, experts suggest to have the tanks retested every five years apart from following the general precautions to store them securely.

    Medical Cylinders Medical Cylinders

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  • COPD And Medical Oxygen Cylinders

    Medical Oxygen Cylinder Tank Medical Oxygen Cylinder Tank

    COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is a serious disease of the lungs that makes breathing harder. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are also COPD as the lungs don’t function as well, requiring oxygen to be supplied to the lungs artificially.

    Recent studies have shown that COPD causes muscle dysfunction which causes the person to reduce their physical activity which further impairs muscles. Muscles require metabolites and oxygen to work efficiently. Metabolites are supplied by the food we eat, oxygen has to be supplemented medical oxygen cylinders tanks. Long term oxygen therapy has shown to improve metabolism and muscle function.

    Medical Oxygen Cylinder Tank w/post Valve and on/off Toggle (E Size 24 CF) is an option available for COPD patients. Whether you are at home, traveling in a car or on a flight, this 24.9” oxygen cylinder is the most convenient option for you. This aluminum medical oxygen tank comes with CGA 870 post valve with an off/off toggle inserted. The medical oxygen cylinder has a diameter of 4.38”, length of the cylinder is 24.9” with 90 cu feet storage capacity. Made from aluminum alloy 6061-T6, with standardized inlet threads, this light weight cylinder is easy to carry around no matter where you go.

    If you are a COPD patient, you need not worry about how you will travel. With Medical Oxygen Cylinder Tank w/post Valve and on/off Toggle you can adjust your oxygen and enjoy the new destination you plan to fly with your family, colleagues or friends.

    A few tips for the traveler flying with an oxygen cylinder

    • Buy the oxygen medical tank about two weeks before your scheduled trip
    • Get familiar using it as well as ensure that it is working fine
    • Take extra and new batteries for the flying time. The airlines advise 150% of the battery capacity that you may otherwise require
    • The charger should be handy for you to plug it in at the airport when waiting for the flight/boarding
    • If you require oxygen all the time, make sure you have made arrangements for a refill at the destination port
    • Fill in the medical form that is required by the airline
    • Request a window seat so you do not hinder the movement of fellow passengers
    • Request a wheelchair as this will speed you through security, as well as prevent desaturation of oxygen levels.
    • Carry a pulse oximeter to check oxygen saturation regularly during the flight and adjust it when required

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