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Medical Valves

  • All That You Should Know About Gas Cylinder Valves

    All That You Should Know About Gas Cylinder Valves

    Cylinder Valves Cylinder Valves

    Gases constantly seek ways to escape from or enter into a gas supply system. Cylinder valves are devices that control the flow of the gases into or out of the cylinder. Pertaining to the escaping nature of gases, cylinder valves are gaining importance like never before.

    What are the types available?

    Packed Valves – These valves are mostly found on acetylene cylinders (B & MC) and corrosive products such as ammonia or chlorine. They typically have a specially designed wrench which has to be removed during shipping & storage.

    Pressure-seal Valves – This is a common valve found on most of the cylinders and can be operated using a hand-wheel at very high pressure levels.

    Diaphragm Valves – You can find these valves on cylinders which demand high levels of protection against leakage such as cylinders containing gas mixtures, high purity gases and rare gases such as krypton and xenon.

    Post-type Medical Valves – These pin-indexed valves are used in some medical gas products to ensure supply of the right gas to a particular apparatus.

    For your convenience and safety, JTC Valves maintains a well-managed inventory of cylinder valves manufactured in the USA by Sherwood and Rego, leading brands in valve manufacturing. All the valves you find here are certified by ASME & ISO 9001 certified.

    JTC Valve Sales serves the market with strong, durable and high quality cylinder valves including chlorine valves, medical valves and welding cylinder valves.

    You can choose a valve that serves your purpose well from the following series:

    Acetylene Valves


    Acetylene Valves Acetylene Valves

    AV Series – It is operated with a hand-wheel or a wrench and is used in small cylinders

    GV Series – It is precisely machined for use in large cylinders

    GVT Series – These valves are designed for large cylinders and can be operated with a hand-wheel


    Industrial Valves


    Industrial Valves Industrial Valves

    GV series – Designed for applications up to 3000 psi

    GVHM series – Designed for applications from 3001 to 6400 PSI

    GRPV series – Designed for 3500 psi as maximum working pressure and 10,000 PSI as burst pressure

    MVHM series (Monel valves) – Designed for applications with maximum working pressure of 6000 PSI and burst pressure 13,500 psi

    SVHM series (Stainless steel valves) – Designed for corrosive application like salt water and chemical processing

    BV series (Hi/lo valves with built-in regulators) – Designed for larger capacity 4500 PSI cylinders

    Medical Cylinder Valves


    Medical Valves Medical Valves

    GV MRI Series - Global Valves for Use in MRI Environments

    KVAB Series - Post-type medical valves for “F” and “D” type cylinders and used for all CCA-860 yokes.

    KVMB Series - Post Medical Valves for Use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Environments

    OxyGen 1 Series - Oxygen Valves with Integrated Pressure Regulators

    YVBA Series - Vertical Outlet Oxygen Valves

    Distinguishable features:
    • 100% helium tested
    • Pressure Relief Devices to ensure excellent flow characteristics
    • Durable & tamper-resistant
    • Can be tapped for dip tube
    • Direct drive stem to reduce friction & low torque operations
    • Integrated brass valves
    • High quality assurance due to ASME & ISO 9001 certifications and automated testing processes

    Safety Precautions:

    • Know the gas before using the cylinder
    • Do not lubricate the valves or apply jointing compounds & tape
    • If the valves are frozen, use warm water to thaw it
    • Use no more than three quarters of a turn to open a valve
    • Never force the valve shut
    • Strictly use recommended hand-wheels or keys to open valves

    Visit JTC Valve Sales and place an order for a valve that fits to your requirements. We are sure you will find it in our stock. We are leading suppliers of all kinds of industrial valves.

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