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Safe Handling of Acetylene Cylinders To Avoid Potential Hazards

Acetylene is inherently a safe gas and is an invaluable commodity for the industry. Being a highly flexible gas, acetylene is used in many industrial processes. It is known to an irreplaceable for oxyfuel gas welding and cutting. It features high versatility and functionality with also being hazardous if not handled with care. However, the acetylene cylinders have a different design from most other gas cylinders and the gas reacts differently when exposed to fire.

acetylene valves

Safeguarded by acetylene cylinder valves, the acetylene cylinders consist of a steel shell comprising a porous mass which in combination with liquid acetone dissolves the gas. Decomposition of acetylene is triggered by heat, leaving the cylinder in an unstable, hazardous condition and can also lead to explosion.

Due to the special potential for a delayed action rupture with acetylene cylinders, observing certain safety measures to minimize the risk and level of destruction.

Tips to handle acetylene gas cylinders:

  • The alarm should be sounded and area evacuated in case of any event of an incident
  • Train the user appropriately before letting him use Oxyfuel gas equipment
  • Fit non-return acetylene valves on the torch
  • Check for any leaks prior to lighting up
  • Prefer to ignite the fuel gas equipment before introducing the oxygen stream with the nozzle pointing upwards
  • During transport, ensure that the vehicle is properly ventilated and there are appropriate restraints to save the gas filled cylinders from exploding
  • After being transported, the acetylene cylinders must be left to settle in an upright position so that the liquid acetone returns to its normal position in the porous mass
  • Always use a flashback arrestor while using acetylene cylinders
  • Never open the acetylene cylinder valves more than one and a half turns as it can be closed easily in case of an emergency

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