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sealant tapes

  • All-Purpose Compatible Thread Sealants for Industrial Needs

    Sealant tapes are adhesives that act as filler smoothening out surface irregularities or micro abrasions on threads. They possess lubricant qualities that allow the male threaded pipe to be deep turned deeper into female threaded fittings and prevent leakage.

    Pipe thread sealants are small accessories making a lot of difference in gas connections. But you need to choose a proper kind of plumbers tape for securing your gases and liquids.

    AN Threads provide a positive seal that connects rigid metal tubing and flexible hoses that carry fluid.

    National Pipe Thread is a US standard for tapered threads used on threaded fittings and pipes.

    Although there is no strict rule, we can categorize permanent or semi-permanent joints to identify appropriate applications:

    Permanent Joints – The joints that are installed during the rough-in phase of plumbing are permanent joints. Experts suggest tightening PIPE DOPES the threaded connections on the main & zone valves on the gas as well as water distribution systems.

    Semi-permanent Joints – These joints are a typically during the final trim-out phase such as shower heads, fixture angle stops, shower arms or any joint which would require general and regular maintenance. Here comes the use of pipe thread sealants/sealant tapes.

    What are PTFE tapes?

    The plumbing tapes underwent an evolution and double density versions became popular. However, the use of same ‘white’ color for two different thicknesses posed a challenge during inspecting job. Thus, the yellow Teflon tapes were introduced for such applications.

    Tape color Description
    Yellow double density often labeled as “gas tape”
    White should only be used on NPT threads up to 3/8 inch in diameter, can be single or double density
    Pink required on all joints 1/2″ or larger, triple density
    Green Oil Free PTFE tape, required for use on all lines carrying oxygen (i.e. – medical oxygen or welding oxygen lines)

    You had been using the sealant tapes for many years. But now, you have a deeper understanding of when to use a kind of pipe sealing tape. Check whether a specific sealant tape is compatible with oxygen or any material that you wish to pass through the thread surrounded by the tape. Oxygen compatible thread sealant tapes are apt for use with oxygen cylinders.

    So, if you are interested in purchasing a sealant tape, get it from https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Thread-Sealants/. JTC Valve Sales is a trusted dealer when it comes to industrial equipment. The knowledge and experience of the team help you order just the perfect quantity and type of product that would satisfy your requirements. We don’t wish to burden you with unnecessary purchases.

  • How to Wrap Industrial Pipes with WRC Approved Teflon Tapes

    Teflon adhesive tapes are industry essentials that are used to wrap the threaded ends of pipes (metal or plastic) to prevent any leakage at the joining. These are typically thin tapes used around the threads to foster lubrication during joining of pipes. You must have noticed that many times there are leakages from the thin gap that connect the male and female threads. Teflon tapes successfully fill in the gap between male and female threads and stop water leakages.

    Teflon Tape Jtc Valve Sales Teflon Tape JTC Valve Sales

    The way PTFE Teflon tapes work is not complicated but it is of course, tricky. While screwing, you need to be careful not to unwrap the tape. It is important to hold the plumbing tape in the right direction so as to tighten it every time you rotate the pipes.

    Stepwise instructions to use PTFE thread seal tapes:

    • The pipe thread tape must be held at the start of pipe threads and wrapped in the opposite direction of the threads.
    • Remember to keep the tape flat to avoid tangling.
    • Be not too harsh(to prevent through) neither too loose(to avoid tangles) with the sealant tapes
    • Continue the process until you reach to the end of pipe thread
    • Sometimes, you may require having 2 or 3 layers but not more than that. Though you may use drastically different materials, such as brass, copper or PVC, there will be no need of extra layers.

    A simple yet tricky method is easy if practiced in the right way. There are various kinds of Teflon tapes available in the market. Many online stores stock a good number of plumbing tapes manufactured under strict guidelines for industrial purposes. PTFE thread seal tapes have no additives or pigments and can be used on all applications including oil, water, medical, chemical and food processing where there are high non-contamination standards. The tapes can perform best within a temperature range of 450°F-550°F.

    JTC Valve Sales is one of the reliable sources for all your industrial valves and accessories. You can find high-quality products here and rely on our expert suggestions. Our team of professionals is committed towards the contributing extensively to the industry.

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