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The Water Is Not Hot Enough? The Dip Tube Needs Repairs Or Replacement

The principle of heating water is that the water at the bottom gets warmed and rises up, getting replaced by a layer of cool water. This cycle goes on till all the water gets uniformly heated, only then it starts to boil and gets converted into steam. When heating water in a water heater installed in the bathroom, the same principle is followed, thermostat is set to not let the water boil to 100 deg C.


If you are not getting enough hot water from your water heater or there is a loss of water pressure, chances are that the dip tubes may be defective. Dip tubes or Syphon tubes are tubes that direct the cold water to the bottom of the heating tank, while the warm water, which is lighter, automatically rises up.

When there is a crack in the dip tube, the hot water mixes with the cold water and the temperature of the water is reduced. The dip tube gets corroded due to the pH of the water as well as the temperature setting, causing the dip tube to crack or break into pieces.

Follow the steps to replace the dip tube, if you are not confident enough just call the plumbing company and let the trained professionals handle the job.

Steps to replace the dip tube

  1. Turn off the power supply and unplug the wire from the socket. If you have a gas water heater, turn the dial to ‘off’
  2. Shut off the cold water supply valve, which is usually located at the top of the water heater
  3. Drain off all the water from the water heater tank. You can use this water to water your plants by attaching a pipe to the drain valve
  4. With a tubing cutter, cut the pipe between the cold water shut off valve and the water heater. Keep some rags handy as some water will spill on cutting of the tubing
    1. How to cut the tubing:
      1. Tighten the tubing cutter around the tube and gently rotate it
      2. Tighten it as the rotation is near completion
  5. With a pipe wrench, remove the pipe from the dip tube
  6. Check the condition of the dip tube, if it is not damaged, then the problem with the water heater may be due to something else. If the Syphon tube is corroded, cracked or broken, then it needs to be replaced
  7. Take the new dip tube and wrap the PTFE tape on the threads
  8. Replace the piping and put the dip tube in the water heater
  9. Open the cold water valve and fill the water heater tank
  10. Now, turn on the power and get the hot water at the right temperature and pressure

Whether you are replacing the Syphon tube on a water heater or a CO2 tank, the same procedure has to be followed to repair or replace the Syphon tube.

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