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  • Industrial Gas Valves - Are You Looking for valves?

    JTC Valve Sales is an authorized reseller of industrial gas valves. JTC Valve Sales possess years of experience in serving various industries with high-quality, durable, and performance-efficient valves. Valves are critical components in the compressed gas industry and must be properly functions to serve their purpose best.

    All valves available on our online store are built with maximum dexterity and are manufactured by trusted and well-known industrial valve manufacturers, like Sherwood and Rego.

    We supply a wide variety of valves, including:

    • LPG Valves
    • Cylinder Valves
    • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Valves
    • Acetylene Valves
    • Medical Valves
    • And many more

    The valves we offer to our customers can serve almost all segments of the compressed gas industry, as well as chemical, cryogenic, medical, and semi-conductor applications.

    JTC carries only valves that comply with all the necessary guidelines and specifications laid out by international valve performance standards, as to prevent them from failing during critical applications.

    We are a team of valve technicians, who are well experienced in valve installations and repairs.

    For more information regarding our valves, please visit us at: www.jtcvalvesales.com, or call (440)346-1259.

  • Fusible Plugs - An Essential Safety Valve & Pressure Relief Device

    Fusible plugs are used to keep the temperature of the fusible metal below its melting point. The fuse plugs operate as a safety valve when abnormal or dangerous temperatures build up in a closed vessel. They have low melting points, making them useful to be used in mechanisms that require high-temperature settings. Due to this characteristic, they are used on some boilers to provide added protection against low water level.

    Fuse Plugs Fuse Plugs

    This fluid coupling overheating protection device is a needed component in your industrial set up. Constructed of bronze or brass, the pipe plug has a tapered hole, which is drilled through the length of the valve. It has an even tapered from end to end that is filled with a low melting alloy – mostly consisting of tin. Fusible plugs are of two types:

    • FIRE-ACTUATED: The boiler plug is an alloy of tin, copper & lead and has a melting point of 6° to 7°. One end of the plug is attached to the tire/hot gases while the other is in contact with water. In case the water level drops below the plug, tin melts and blows out. It will produce a whistling noise to warn the operator that it’s time to replace the plug.
    •  STEAM-ACTUATED: The plug is installed on the end of the pipe outside the drum. The other end of the plug is kept at the lowest permissible water level in the steam drum. The metal in the plug melts at a temperature below that of the steam in the boiler. The water around the plug is at a cooler temperature than that in the boiler as long as the pipe end is below water level. When the water level drops below the open end of the pipe, steam heats the fuse plug, which melts down the tin letting out a warning to the operator.

    It is important to maintain the fusible plugs and replace them every year. Do not try to refill the old casings with new tin alloy as this would only harm the material and lead to a dangerous effect. It is advised to always use a new plug.

    You have arrived at the right place to search for a new fusible plug. At JTC Valve Sales,  https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog we stock only high-quality valves and their accessories to maintain the specific standards demanded by the industries. You can get in touch with us at 440-346-1259 to discuss the specifications before you purchase.

  • How Are Needle Valves Different From Flow Control

    Needle valves are a much-needed kind of valve in every gas industrial set up. The valves closely resemble globe valves in design and function except that they have a pointed end instead of the disk at the end of the valve system. It is the piercing point that possibly has given it the name – Needle Valves’. They are designed to control the flow of substances released by pressure, flow and direction and have the ability to shut-off the flow entirely. These valves actually turn 90° before it passes through an orifice followed by a cone-shaped tip to let the substance inside flow at low pressures.

    The Difference

    Both – the Needle valves & the Flow control valves are used to control the flow of air in the leg of a pneumatic circuit, which influences the actuator speed, and intentionally the flow is reduced. What differentiates the needle valves from the flow control valves is that the former is bi-directional whereas the latter controls the flow in one direction only.

    There is a finely threaded stem in both the fittings, which allows gradual adjustment of the quantity of controlled flow passing through the valve. The flow control fitting includes a simply by-pass feature that ensures a rapid and free flow.

    The Needle Valve Threads

    The four main categories of needle valves are - coarse, fine, wetted and non-wetted. Due to the fine threads, these highly functional valves offer an improved control. On the other hand, valves featuring coarse threads offer maximum flow and not enough precision. The wetted threads are exposed to the material/substance inside whereas the non-wetted threads remain dry as they are not exposed to any system.

    The Needle Valve Seals

    There are three types of seals used in the needle valves – metal, metal to plastic & metal to metal, that make them so useful. For regulation of gas flow, plastic to metal type of seal creates a larger seal area. If you want to regulate the flow of fluids, you can use the metal to metal seals.

    Needle valves, by their design & utility, are essentially required for industrial set-ups to allow pressure to be added/ relieved in very small increments. If you wish to place an order now for the very useful industrial equipment, visit the most popular online store https://www.jtcvalvesales.com where the industries find any and every kind of equipment needed. You can call us directly on 440-346-1259 to confirm the availability. We never run out of stock.

    Needle Valves - JTC Valve Sales                                      Needle Valves - JTC Valve Sales

    Thank You for visiting us.

  • Sherwood 5983 Series Valves - 303 SS Packed Valves

    Specialty Valves are really dominating the valve industry as the flawless specifications they adhere to are difficult to attain. Sherwood Valves is a trusted manufacturer of such high-quality valves and complies with strict manufacturing and testing processes while the production of its valves.

    The 5983L Series made of s are spring loaded and packed wrench operated. These specialty valves are designed for use in corrosive gasses and tube trailer application as well as gas service. While you require uncompromising quality of valves for specialty gas applications, here are the features of 5983 series valves to fit into your specifications:

  • These spring loaded valves are made of 303 stainless steel
  • The valves can be operated with the help of a wrench
  • Due to their live loaded packing design, the valves provide constant load that ensures stem seal for the life of the valve
  • They are easy to operate, leak resistant and durable too with the Teflon packing
  • The body of these valves is designed to withstand extreme internal and external conditions
  • They possess one-piece stainless steel stem that provides positive shutoff in corrosive gas services with exceptional durability

  • JTC Valves is a provider of Sherwood valves and ensure quality products to its customers. We, as a team believes in extending our contribution to the industry by the means of high-quality valves and regulators. Please visit our website www.jtcvalvesales.com to have a look at our offerings or call us at 440-346-1259 to order your requirements. We will ship your product the same day!

  • How to Secure Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinders?

    The oxygen therapy is a critical but effective way of providing sufficient amount of oxygen to individuals undergoing surgical procedures or those under severe medical conditions. A major concern while using portable oxygen tanks is how to store the tanks safely because if not handled with care, the pressurized oxygen can lead to hazardous damages.

    Although the medical oxygen is stored in a pressurized manner in the oxygen tanks, they are exposed to different situations and settings. However, when proper care is taken in storing and using the tanks, we can minimize the occurrences of hazardous risks.

    Precautions to be taken around oxygen cylinders:

  • The tanks must be placed at a safe distance, approximately ten feet from fireplaces, candles, or any source of flame.
  • Electric appliances which result in sparks, such as the electric razors must be strictly out of the zone.
  • Any petroleum based products are better kept away from the person who is using the oxygen tank.
  • Ensure proper installation and functioning of smoke detectors.
  • Every room having the oxygen cylinders inside must be marked with a sign saying that no smoke or flames are allowed in the circumference.
  • If you are under home oxygen therapy, keep the fire department and other utility companies informed about the same.
  • Keep the tubing clean so that it does not mess with the furniture and is safe from tripping hazard.

  • During the manufacturing process of medical oxygen cylinders, they are cleaned and tested at every step thoroughly. However, after put to use, experts suggest to have the tanks retested every five years apart from following the general precautions to store them securely.

    Medical Cylinders Medical Cylinders

    If you are searching for one now, visit https://www.jtcvalvesales.com/blog/Medical-Cylinders/ to look through the specifications and place an order for precisely built oxygen medical tanks. JTC Valve Sales specializes in providing industrial parts, especially regulators and valves. So, while dealing with us, you do not have to worry about quality. We are established leading distributors of industrial products.

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