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CGA540 Sleeve Connectors

CGA540 Sleeve Connectors

FasTest’s G540 medical oxygen and industrial connector is simple to use with a no twist, no turn approach to filling. Simply connect onto your CGA 540 valve and lock into place with a forward movement of the sleeve and you are ready to fill the medical or industrial oxygen cylinder in a matter of seconds.
  • Connects to CGA 540 valve
  • Female: 90° Right Angle 1/4” NPT Termination Port
  • Male: Straight 1/4” NPT termination port
  • Stainless Steel or Monel and Brass
  • Sleeve Activation
  • Safety Locking Mechanism
  • Viton or EPDM Seals
  • Specifically designed for self contained 540 medical cylinder and inverted rack filling
  • Cleaned for O2 service

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