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Cryogenic Regulators

Cryogenic Regulators

JTC Valve Sales inventories a extensive line of both Goddard and Rego Regulators.

  • Series 1682M - designed primarily for second stage regulation. The C-1682M Series is specifically designed for use with Carbon Dioxide.
  • Series 1780 - designed for final line pressure regulation.
  • Series BR1780 - designed for final line pressure regulation. They are equally suitable for a variety of gases in medical or industrial applications.
  • Series CBH, CBC - combines the function of RG and ECL Pressure Building and Economizer functions in one compact unit. Available in Chart and Taylor-Wharton piping geometries and a variety of pressure ratings.
  • Series ECL - designed to utilize the gas pressure in a liquid cryogenic cylinder that would otherwise be lost.
  • Series RG - designed to maintain pressure on cryogenic liquid within cryogenic containers.

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