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Acetylene Valves

Acetylene Valves

Our acetylene valves are manufactured by Sherwood to meet the highest standards accepted internationally for acetylene cylinder applications.

Sherwood has been the leading provider for system critical gas and fluid control solutions for the compressed gas industry for over 100 years. Sherwood Valve has four manufacturing units in the U.S and a reputation of manufacturing products that keep up with changing trends and customer requirements. Every product is tested for its safety at their ISO 9001 certified lab. 

  • Brass valve bodies
  • Internal components machined for precision, designed to meet stringent international performance standards
  • High temperature aluminum alloy handwheel includes two drainage holes
  • Valves are tested to be 100% helium leak proof
  • Low torque operation design ensures ease of use w/ either hand or wrench
  • Lower plug is made of tough naval brass, which is extremely durable
  • Precision machining = excellent finish for low torque sealing
  • Metal-to-metal seat design used under bonnet threads to prevent accumulation of pressure at top of valve body
  • Sherwood acetylene valves are designed for extreme applications = high durometer back-up ring prevents o-ring extrusion
  • Reduced friction due to direct drive stem design & optimized single o-ring seal

Acetylene valves are widely used in the gas and liquid industry.
Sherwood acetylene valves are used in applications where precise control of flow is required.
Widely used for oxy-acetylene and oxygen fuel gas requirements.


Never open the acetylene cylinder valve more than one and a half turns. This allows adequate flow of acetylene and closes quickly in case of an emergency.

Sherwood’s valves are designed for precision and thoroughly tested for your safety.  Please follow all instructions to stay safe.

For any enquiry or valve requirement, contact us now.

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