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Ammonia Cylinder Valves

Ammonia Cylinder Valves

The ammonia gas cylinder valve manufactured by Sherwood is the best quality valve available for ammonia gas management. Made from stainless steel 303, the ammonia valve CGA 240 and CGA 705 comes with a tapped inlet with no pressure relief device.

JTC valve sales employees have significant work experience in the compressed gas industry. JTC Valve Sales offer a vast bank of knowledge and experience, the highest quality products, the majority of which are manufactured in the USA, and the most competitive prices on the web.

Description and key benefits of Sherwood’s Ammonia Cylinder Valve

The 1206 A series is the lead carbon steel valve designed for anhydrous ammonia.

  • The single piece lead carbon steel, nickel plated stem which is case hardened provides positive shut off in corrosive gas service offering exceptional durability
  • The one piece PTFE packing offers leak resistant stem seal and easy to operate
  • Sherwood’s valve is designed to provide safety, reliability and durability under all service conditions
  • 1206AX5 is compatible with CGA 705 and CGA 240 outlets
  • 1206AX9 is compatible with CGA 40 outlet only
  • The inlet tap ¾-14 NGT , SS303
  • There is no pressure relief device in this valve

Find all ammonia valve fittings and controls only at JTC valve sales. These include:

  • 1206AX5 packed ammonia cylinder valve
  • 1206AX9 packed ammonia cylinder valve with lead washer recess
  • 628X1 ammonia yoke
  • 5877 ammonia yoke adapter

All that is related to ammonia gas cylinder valves is available at the JTC valves sales warehouse if it is not listed here. Call now to find the ammonia valve at the best price.


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