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Gas Check Valves

Gas check valves are self-activating safety valves that stop backflow to protect equipment. Rego (Also formerly known as Goddard Valve), is a world leader in valve manufacturing.  Rego has applied the latest technology to these check valves. They\'ve been designed to suit a wide range of applications to meet all your needs. 

  • Swing check valves made from bronze or stainless steel allow smooth flow; automatic closing when pressure decreases, fully closed when flow reaches zero
  • Valve is designed as a disc + hinge, w/ the hinge being suspended from the hinge pin on the body
  • Seating is either metal to metal or metal seat to composition disc
  • The swing check valve in a Y configuration - closure element attached to top cap
  • Easy opening at low pressures
  • Less shock closing under high pressure
  • Low turbulence
  • Similar seating pattern to Rego\'s globe valves
  • Pressure of upward flow opens the disc, the disc falls when flow is reversed
  • Valve stopper operates silently due to spring and bushing system
  • Internal valves for CO2 service can be operated manually or pneumatically

These swing check valves should be used in systems that employ gate valves. Check valves are used in cryogenic gas lines, as well as in CO2 service, to stop backflow and protect rotating equipment & mechanical devices. These were also designed for use during withdrawal of liquid from delivery trucks, transports, & storage tanks.

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