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CNG Valves - Compressed Natural Gas Valves

CNG Valves - Compressed Natural Gas Valves

The global industrial gas valves manufactured by Sherwood are designed for hydrocarbon-based flammable gases. Manufactured at Sherwood’s manufacturing facility in the USA, each CNG valve is designed for durability, performance efficiency and user safety. 

Design and Applications of Sherwood’s compressed gas valves 

The CNG valves are used for CNG, methane, ethane and service of other similar gases. The valve body is made from high quality forged brass, which offers resistance to high pressure. The innovative core design reduces stress on internal zones which renders the compressed natural gas valve highly safe. 

Key features and benefits of Sherwood’s CNG valves 

  • Manufactured in the USA under stringent quality laws to ensure safety and durability
  • Metal to metal seal prevents pressure on upper valve body threads
  • Inlets available include NGT, UNF, DIN477, BS, ABNT and others
  • Buna-N, O ring and PTFE offer durability and compatibility with flammable gases
  • For exceptional flow characteristics, the Pressure relief device (PRD) is incorporated as a unitized plug design
  • The direct drive design optimized with O ring or double O ring reduces friction and operates at extremely low torque levels
  • The CNG valve can be taped for dip tube if needed

Different types of Global valve for hydrocarbon based flammable gases are available here. 

  • NVG series : for working pressure from 0 to 3000 psi
  • NGVHM series : for working pressure above 3001 psi to 6400 psi

Your search for compressed gas valves ends here. If the valve is not listed on the website, contact us now so as to enable us to offer you the desired CNG valve from our well stocked warehouse. If you are looking for durability, performance efficiency and safety, click here to buy Compressed Natural Gas Valve.


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