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Cryogenic Relief Valves

JTC Valve Sales offers the most trusted Rego Relief Valves for your safety. The relief valve is critical in protection against high pressure applications. The Rego Relief valves are applicable in a wide range of applications. Made from brass and stainless steel, the Rego relief valves are designed for thermal safety for cryogenic liquid containers. Every valve is tested at the state-of-the art manufacturing facility for your safety.


Application of Rego Relief Valve

Relief valves find an application in vapor line safety relief application and cryogenic relief containers. The 9400 series valves are specifically designed by Rego for this critical application.


Types of Relief Valve

Rego relief valves are made from stainless steel and brass with stainless steel.

The SS valve uses stainless steel for the body, spring, seal retainer and pipe away adapter.

PRV and B-style relief valve has a body, seat retainer and pipe away adapter of brass while the spring is of stainless steel.


Rego Relief valves for gas and cryogenic systems

  • 9400 series brass and stainless steel relief valves, Non ASME
  • PRV 19430 series Brass relief valves ASME relief valves
  • PRV 29430 series stainless steel ASME relief valves
  • NRF series, noise reduction relief valve
  • AR series, angle pressure relief valve
  • B-19434B series for oxygen and non-corrosive gases
  • C-19434B series relief valve for carbon dioxide service

Benefits and key features of Rego Relief Valve

  • Rego Relief valves are cleared and packaged for oxygen service as per CGA G-41
  • The valves are rendered bubble tight at 95% pressure
  • The Rego relief valve is tamper resistant
  • Can be used at temperatures ranging from – 320 Deg F to + 165 Deg F
  • Adapters come with standard pipe thread connections


Flow performance of various models of Rego Relief Valves

  • PRV and SS style flow at 0.783 SCFM air/PSIA at 110% of set pressure
  • B-B426N flow of 6.7 SCFM air/PSAIA at 120% of set pressure
  • B-9426N flow of 11.0 SCFM air/PSA at 120% of set pressure


Note of Caution

This relief valve is rated for gas service only, do not use with liquid.

If you have not found the relief valve you are looking for, kindly contact us now to enable us to deliver the Relief valve from our well-stocked warehouse. Your safety is our priority which is ensured with Rego’s Relief valves available here.

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