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A8560, A8570 and AA8570 Series - Multiport

Multiport™ Pressure Relief Valve Manifold Assemblies for Large Storage Containers A8560, A8570 and AA8570 Series
Designed especially for use as a primary relief device on large stationary pressurized storage containers with flanged openings. These manifolds incorporate an additional relief valve, not included in the flow rating, allowing for servicing or replacement of any one of the relief valves without evacuating the container. The handwheel on the manifold selectively closes off the entrance port to the relief valve being removed while the remaining relief valves provide protection for the container and its contents. All manifold flow ratings are based on flow through the relief valves after one has been removed for service or replacement.
• Allows for relief valve removal and replacement on a periodic basis without shutting down and evacuating the container.
• “Pop-action” design of relief valves insures maximum protection with only minimal product loss at moderately excessive pressures.
• A rubber plug with chain is provided to protect manifold outlet threads where the relief valve has been removed.
• May be mounted directly to a welding neck flange or manhole cover plate. Requires no inlet piping.
• Relief valves designed to automatically reseat firmly after discharge.
• Resilient relief valve seat disc provides “bubble-tight” seal.
• Relief valves are ASME rated for use with LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia.
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