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DA Series - Bulk Vessel Safety Assembly Relief Valve, Diverter & Burst Disk

RegO® provides a complete unitized solution for pressure relief devices assembled in a factory setting, ready for attachment to cryogenic bulk tanks. Ideal for OEM applications where pre-fabricated assemblies are favored to streamline construction. Excellent for protecting bulk liquid vessels, transport trailers, industrial pipelines and LNG systems.
• High flow rates complement our AR series pressure relief valves and burst disks.
• Valve side selection is accomplished with a heavy duty control arm clearly labeled for positive isolation.
• RegO® needle valves accessorize for easy bleed of gas before removing pressure relief devices.
• Pressure Rating: 725 PSI (50 bar).
• Temperature Rating: -325°F (-198°C) to +165°F (+74°C).
• Oxygen cleaned per CGA 4.1
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