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LP Relief Valves

LP Relief Valves

LP relief valves are designed for containers with 250 to 1000 gallon capacity. The valve is mounted outside the hood, if fitted near the hood, then it has a protective cap.

The LP container relief valve remains in the closed position by the force of a powerful spring as long as the pressure inside the tank is lesser than that of the spring.

Outstanding Features:

  • Made of non-corrosive materials
  • Body made of brass
  • Spring and stem made of stainless steel
  • Seal disc is resilient rubber
  • High capacity, low turbulence
  • Maximum guiding area for shut off after opening
  • Built in spring limits the full open position of the seat
  • The 3” NPT external thread body offers easy attachment of vents, pipes, adapters
  • If the body gets damaged, there is no hindrance to the opening of the valve as there are no seat disc retainers

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