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Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic Valves

Rego Products cryogenic valves are designed to work pressures up to 750 psi and temperatures as low as 320 Degree F. Manufactured under the most stringent quality control method, each valve passes through a testing procedure to ensure the highest quality product with outstanding performance, reliability, durability even at ultra-low temperatures and hazardous environments. Sherwood cryogenic valves are TPED Approved – EN1626 which ensures quality and safety.


Design Benefits of Cryogenic Valves


  • Rego Products cryogenic valves are made from stainless steel and brass to suit a variety of uses which including LNG, and Oxygen
  • The corrosion resistance quality of Rego Products Cryogenic valves ensures excellent performance in adverse environments
  • Rego Products cryogenic valves function flawlessly in low temperatures up to -325 degree F
  • A packing is given below the thread line to increase the life of Rego Products cryogenic valves
  • Rego Products cryogenic valves are available in ¼” to 5/8”
  • Extended bonnet, bolted gland, outside screw and yoke, spiral wound gasket


Specific Usage of Cryogenic Valves


Rego Products cryogenic valves are used for storage and transport of cryogenic gases including Oxygen, Nitrogen, LNG.

Use Rego Products cryogenic valves with portable cryogenic cylinders and in-line shut off valve. The extended stem valves  can be used as trycock valve or drain valve, liquid fill or vent valves.

Rego Products cryogenic valves are designed to meet your every specific need ensuring you durability and safety. The advanced technology and superior manufacturing capabilities ensure the safest cryogenic valve for your use. Sherwood cryogenic valves are the solution for all your cryogenic gas needs.

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