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KVMB Series - Post Medical Valves - MRI Environment

KVMB Series Post Medical Valves for Use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Environments

  • Special construction process significantl reduces magnetic attraction
  • Meets all known tests for MRI-conditional components used in conjunction with a magnetic resonance imager for Level 3 Tesla requirements
  • Clearly identified for hospital settings
  • ASTM standard F 2503-05 marking
  • Inert PTFE packing provides leak-free stem seal and resistance to corrosion
  • Secondary O-ring helps to provide a secure seal under vacuum purging and low-pressure operation
  • Strong, durable body is made from extruded brass rod and coated with a protective chrome finish
  • Chamber design protects threads and stem from damage
  • Exceptional machining finishes for low-torque sealing and long packing life
  • Durable lower plug is made of tough naval brass and coated with PTFE for lubricity
  • Copper sealing gasket provides permanent, leak-resistant bonnet seal
  • Pressure Relief Device (PRD) is a single unit to ensure proper assembly and to resist tampering
  • For use with all yokes made to CGA 860 drawing specifications
  • Available in wrench, toggle or handwheel type
  • Nominal stroke is 1.5 turns, full flow at 1⁄3 turn
  • Cleaned for oxygen service and oil free per CGA G-4.1
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