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Dual Fuel Valves

Dual Fuel Valves

Dual fuel valves are designed for alternate fuel applications. The Dual fuel valves are manufactured by Sherwood Valve Co. Your safety is our utmost concern in both design and implementation. Sherwood, the leading manufacturers of valves and regulators offer the best quality dual fuel valves  and are sold online by JTC valve sales, the leading online portal for all your valve needs.


Description and key benefits of Sherwood’s Dual fuel valves


DF series valves are designed with dual outlets for multiple uses. Range of Sherwood’s dual outlet valves includes:

  • DF11551-XXHFKF
  • DF11561-XXHFKF
  • DFN11555-XXHFKF
  • DF11565-XXHFKF
  • DFN16550-XXHFKP
  • DFN11550-XXHFKP
  • DFN11650-XXKP

The valves are designed for use multiple gas service. Please see owner’s manual and catalog for more information on gas usage. The DFN series valves are electroless nickel plated valves.


  • The dual outlet valves from Sherwood  can be used without the use of adapters, tees and multiple joints
  • the location of the outlets above the valve seat enables to control of the cylinder valves
  • the direct connections in Sherwood’s dual fuel valve reduces leak points
  • the crimped seat prevents seat extrusion and cold flow of the polymer seat
  • dual fuel valve from JTC valve sales is specifically designed for high purity gas applications as multiple seat material configurations are available
  • Sherwood’s dual outlet valves reduce the vent and purge time with increased flow (Cv)
  • The lower operating torque design ensures ease of operation during use or filling
  • Dual fuel valves with a pressure relief device is available at JTC Valve Sales
  • Sherwood’s dual outlet valves are available with standard CGA connections
  • Dual fuel valves are also available with international inlets and outlets at JTC Valve sales


Find the highest quality dual fuel valves at JTC Valve sales that is designed by Sherwood for your safety and reliability. Every valve is available at the JTC Valves sales warehouse. If you do not find the dual outlet valve listed here, call JTC Valve sales now and get your valve from the warehouse.

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