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Globe Valves

Globe Valves

Cryogenic leaks are expensive and dangerous. Rego globe valves are designed for your safety and manufactured per the standards of reliability set by CGA. 

Rego globe valves are manufactured with the latest technology, using automated self-diagnostic equipment and procedures.

Globe valves regulate flow in the pipeline. They are each made up of a movable disk element, stationary ring, and spherical body. Rego’s globe valves are suitable for shutting off as well as controlling efficiency of  flow. 

  • Bolted bonnet
  • Spirally wound gasket
  • Spring loaded two piece stem for automatic sealing
  • Pressure seal to restrict water intrusion
  • Compact design to fit into tight spaces with ease of operation
  • Specially formulated lubricant and repair kits for easy field replacement                                                         
  • Rego globe valves are designed for use in hospitals and industrial applications where the gas is supplied from a central source
  • Rego globe valves are a proven safe choice, especially when transporting cryogenic liquid through pipelines or bulk storage tanks
  • Globe valves can be permanently installed in line for top servicing

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