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Bronze Globe Valves

Bronze Globe Valves

Rego/Goddard Bronze globe valves are made under stringent quality control norms to ensure the highest quality product for your safety. Goddard 222 series Bronze globe valves are specialized for cryogenic service and widely used in commercial and industrial applications. 

Design benefits of Rego/Goddard Bronze globe valves


  • Bonnet valve can be permanently installed in the pipeline and serviced from the top
  • No distortion of the stem tube as it is made from stainless steel
  • The PTFE seat design and Kold-seal technology (which prevents cryogen gas loss as it seals tightly) ensures bubble tight seating which makes the Sherwood bronze globe valve durable
  • Sizes available from 1/4th inch through 3” PED approved as per EN10204, 3.1
  • The ends are: threaded (FNPT), Sil Braze Tube, silver braze pipe, back brazed threaded pipe nipples
  • Sherwood Bronze globe valves are used for liquefied and vaporized atmospheric gases, LNG
  • Safely operates in the temperature range of -325 degree F to 150 degree F
  • Withholds a pressure of 400 and 600 PSIG
  • The extended stem is suitable for cold box, transport in vehicles, pipelines and customer service applications
  • The live load option minimizes the service costs as it improves the life of the assets
  • The top works are replaceable which automatically lowers maintenance costs of Sherwood bronze globe valves 

Specific usage of Rego/Goddard Bronze globe valve 

Bronze globe valves from Rego/Goddard  are designed to suit the various requirements that not only make it convenient to install but to operate and repair or replace the valves as well. Find the bronze globe valve for all you needs right here.

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