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BV Series Hi/Lo Valves with Built-in Regulators

BV Series Hi/Lo Valves with Built-in Regulators

JTC Valve carries Hi/Lo Valves with Built-In Regulators know as BV Series from Sherwood. These valves are designed for use in larger capacity lightweight 4500 PSI cylinders. The valve features unique dual outlet design enables use of lower or higher cylinder Working Pressure from the same valve/cylinder package and provides quick fill capability — no special filling or withdrawal adapters needed. The regulator designed for long service life and tested to in excess of 16,000 cycles.

  • High-temperature aluminum alloy handwheel with large drainage holes
  • Integral stainless steel tang helps prevent internal stem breakage
  • Durable lower plug made of tough naval brass resists wear
  • Lower plug is PTFE coated to add lubricity, which minimizes seizing and galling especially under high-pressure operation
  • Nickel 201 rupture disc resists premature rupture that may be caused by corrosive ambient environments
  • Inert PTFE packing provides leak-free stem seal, long cycle life and resistance to corrosion
  • Regulated Outlet Pressure Relief Device rupture pressure is 2800–3000 PSI

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