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Cluster Valves - ASME Underground Propane Tanks

Cluster Valves - ASME Underground Propane Tanks

These multi-purpose valves are designed for use on domestic ASME underground tanks that require a single opening except for a separate opening for liquid withdrawal.

Features :

  • Combine standard Sherwood components into a compact and convenient system
  • Replaceable valves enable retrofitting without replacing the complete unit
  •  Include a double back-check filler valve suitable for all filling requirements
  •  Vapor return valve is designed to satisfy the demand required by the system during the filling operation
  •  Service valve offers the Dual Bonnet® feature
  •  Gauge flange “junior” size configuration will accommodate a combination of gauges
  •  Gauge boss provided (contains a 1⁄4" NPT plug)
  •  Protective closures are provided for filler valve, vapor return valve, and pressure relief valve
  •  Economical coated ductile iron head with wrench floats
  •  30" dip tube provided but not installed (customer may trim to desired length)
  •  ASME certified/UL® approved

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