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430 Series - Master Shut-Off Valves

430 Series - Master Shut-Off Valves

430 Series - Master Shut-Off Valves
High-pressure shut-off valves designed for heavy-duty use on tube trailers, manifold systems and other piping systems. Valves are suitable for use with oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and other inert gases.
Key Features & Benefits
• Safer — There is less chance of ignition from oxygen compression due to a toroidal seat insert that minimizes the area of fluoroplastic material subject to oxygen impact forces
• Heat-absorbing metal surfaces encapsulate all but the shut-off surface of the seat insert and serve as a heat sink to reduce the chance of ignition
• Longer life of downstream equipment reduces the forces against regulators and other auxiliary equipment due to the sudden surge of high-pressure gas when the valve is opened quickly
• Controlled flow — When the valve is opened quickly, dynamic forces directed against downstream equipment are reduced by a skirt on the lower stem shrouding the raised body seat, and this feature protects auxiliary equipment from sudden surges of highpressure gas when valve is opened
• Full flow is achieved when handle is turned two full turns
• Forged brass body with copper alloy parts — 430C lower stem, C64200 aluminum-siliconbronze not for acetylene; 430CX lower stem, C36000 free cutting brass for acetylene
• Pressure seal design with handwheel spring applies upward force against upper stem and packing to ensure stem seal even at low gas pressures, and this pressure seal bonnet design assures positive seal
• O-ring moisture seal on upper stem protects against environmental contamination and includes brass washer second seal restricting moisture intrusion, which is useful in cold (freezing) environments
• PCTFE seat insert and PTFE packing has been used successfully for over 30 years in master shut-off valve applications
• Large bar handle for ease of operation
• Pressure ratings — 6000 PSI, non-corrosive gases except oxygen; 4840 PSI, oxygen; 3000 PSI, UL® rating at 120Ëš F
• Aluminum silicon bronze lower stem provides extra-long life and durability during operation
• Inert PTFE packing provides leak-free stem seal, long cycle life and resistance to corrosion

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