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HP9560 Series - Master Valves

The HP9560 series master valves exhibit a low operating torque, which  makes it very easy for manual operation. This valve is widely used in high pressure applications on tube trailers, cylinder filling panels and other high pressure systems.

Outstanding features :

  • Body, bonnet, stem, seat retainer, stern seal, retaining rings and washer of brass
  • Handwheel washer made of PCTFE
  • Large brass handwheel for ease of use under high pressure
  • Maximum working pressure is 5600 PSI (386 bars)
  • Non rise stem design
  • Viton ‘O’ ring seal for durability
  • Soft seal valve uses CTFE seat disc for bubble tight seal (useful for hydrogen, helium service)
  • Copper seat disc in seat retainer creates a seal against Monel body seal
  • Metal seat reduces the possibility of seat decomposition
  • Temperature range : -40°F to +165°F
  • As per CGA G-4.1, all valves are cleaned for oxygen use
  • 100% factory tested for complete safety in use

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