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HP9560 Series - HP9560 Series with Copper/Monel Seat

High Pressure Shut-off Valves with Copper/Monel Seat

High Pressure Shut-off Valves are a part of JTC Valve Sale’s large and complete inventory, promised with the same quality of products that JTC Valves offers.

High pressure shut-off valves protect downstream distribution fixtures and piping from excessive and unsafe pressure by automatically shutting of the flow.

Product Functioning:

When the discharge pressure is below or at the set levels, the High Pressure Shut-off Valve stays completely open. As the pressure rises above normal, the HP Shut-off Valve, begins closing to protect the fixture and piping from excess pressure.

Materials used:

Use of Monel, gives the valves exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric acid. It also makes them corrosion resistant too.

Whereas, the ones manufactured with copper are corrosion resistant. Copper is also a naturally hygienic metal, slowing down the growth of bacteria.

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