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Medical Oxygen Valves

Medical Oxygen Valves

JTC Valves is a leading provider of medical oxygen valves manufactured by Sherwood, trusted professionals in the making of industrial gas valves. Sherwood Valves are constructed with stringent quality control processes that adhere to the strict international standards just for your safety. 

We have the following variety in stock for you: 

  • GV-MRI Series, Global Valves for MRI Environment
  • KVAB Series, Post Medical Valves
  • KVMB Series, Post Medical Valves for MRI Environments
  • Oxy-Gen I Series, Oxygen Valves w/Integrated Regulators – V & VC model
  • YVBA Series, Vertical Outlet Oxygen Valves
Key Specifications of medical gas tank valves 
  • Pressure Relief Device(PRD) to ensure proper assembly and resist tampering
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use and durability
  • The KVAB Series Post Medical Valves, available in wrench or toggle type, have inert PTFE packing for leak-free stem seal, long cycle life and resistance to corrosion
  • The Oxy-Gen I Series is available in both Check valve & Shut-off valve configurations
  • The KVMB Series, GV-MRI Series & Oxy-Gen I Series Valves comply with Level 3 Tesla requirements
  • The high-performance nylon ABS polymer blended shroud of oxygen valves exhibits excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Cleaned for oxygen service and oil free as per CGA G-4.1 & ASTM G-93
  • 100% helium tested
  • Reduced friction due to optimized O-ring (GV) or double O-ring (GVHM) seal and smooth operation at exceptionally low torque levels
  • Compact design and cosmetic appeal
  • Special construction to reduce magnetic attraction 

Valves have critical importance in the medical industry as medical equipment demands quality assurance of its components. We, at JTC Valve Sales, are committed to offering only the highest quality products at competitive pricing. So, you can trust us for all your medical gas systems.


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