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Needle Valves

Needle Valves

Rego Needle valves are specialty valves for the industrial and alternate fuel market. Manufactured by Rego, Engineered Controls International, LLC, every needle valve is made from the highest quality for flow control with the use of latest technology keeping in mind the customer need.

The needle valve efficiency depends upon the precise ratio between the needle’s length and the diameter or the difference in the needle and seat diameter. At Rego, the latest technology is used for precise production of valves. With stringent norms followed in the manufacture, you can be assured of the needle valve flow control for all precise applications and use.


Key features and benefits of Rego ‘s Needle Valve


  • For precision of flow control, the needle valve is designed with a long taper and fine stem threading for leak free shutoff and precise metering
  • The internal stopper prevents the stem from being unscrewed from the body of the valve
  • The compact design is easy for installation
  • The brass body withstands high pressures with maximum operating pressure being 2000 psi air (137.9 Bar)
  • The handwheel  is made of unbreakable brass
  • The valves are panel mounted
  • The working temperature range is -40 Degree F to + 165 degree F (- 40 Deg C to + 74 Deg C)
  • Rego Needle valves are cleaned for oxygen service as per CGA G-4.11
  • Female ports are available
  • The body, stem, knob, bonnet nut, panel mount nut is made from brass while the set screw is of steel and stem packing is PTFE wit brass gland
  • Available in a wide range of sizes with precision control for open hole.


Application of needle valve


  • This valve is widely used in gas service industry where precise control of flow is required
  • Used to control flow in delicate gauges that may get damaged if there is a sudden surge of pressurized fluid
  • It used in applications where the flow is to be brought to a halt gradually
  • Can be used for throttling service
  • Needle valves are widely used in the following industries
    • Power generation
    • Instrumentation control
    • Liquid dispensing
    • Gas is dispensing


Note of Caution

Avoid using needle valves where the media are a slurry or is viscous. The small orifice can easily get clogged with the thicker material.

Rego Needle valves are recognized worldwide for the product quality, precision and innovation in design and manufacturing. All the valves are manufactured in the USA at facilities that use robotic machining operations and computer integrated manufacturing process to achieve the exacting standards. Every valve is tested in the laboratory for 100% reliability performance in the ISO 9001 certified test laboratories.

For any bulk enquiry or any other requirement of needle valve, contact us now. Avail free shipping for needle valve for Continental United States.

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