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Propylene Valves

Propylene Valves

JTC valve sales, is the leading supplier for propylene valve manufactured by Sherwood, the most trusted brand of valve manufacturers in USA. The propylene cylinder valve is designed for welding, cutting and supply of fuel gas applications. The propylene valves are also called as alternate energy valves. Sherwood valves are manufactured in the USA at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Every valve designed for safety and reliability and is tested by stringent quality control methods before it is supplied.

Application of Sherwood Propylene valve

The internal relief pressure valve available at JTC valve sales, is designed for welding, cutting and supply of fuel gases.

The different types of propylene gas valves available at JTC valve sales are:

  1. PVE3250C-435
  2. PVE3250CLG435-XX.X (length of the tube)
  3. PVE3250R-435
  4. PVE446B

All the above propylene gas valves are designed for CGA outlet connection 510 with a discharge setting of 435-520 and can be connected to 4B260, 4BA260, 4BW260, 4BW240 cylinders.


Benefits and key features of Sherwood Propylene cylinder valves


  • Sherwood’s propylene valve are designed for safety with an internal pressure relief valve
  • The models of the propylene valves are compatible with different cylinders, which offers higher flexibility for your use
  • The body of Sherwood’s propylene cylinder valve is made of rugged C36600 brass
  • The propylene cylinder valve is compatible with propane and propylene 4BW240 and 4BW260 cylinders
  • The bonnet is tamper resistant for your safety

Material used for construction of Sherwood Propylene valves


  • The bonnet is made from Brass C36000
  • The upper stems is constructed of PTFE coated Brass C36000
  • O-ring and safety seat is made of Buna-N
  • The lubricant used is Drakeol #9 oil
  • The lower stem is constructed of Brass C36000
  • The handwheel of aluminum
  • The handwheel screw is made from plated steel
  • The body and safety retainer is made from Brass C36000
  • The spring is made of stainless steel
  • The safety seat holder is made from glass filled nylon
  • The protective cap of vinyl
  • Thread sealant used is Everseal 183

A Note:

  • The pressure relief device should be replaced every 10 years is the recommendation of CGA S-1.1

Find the best quality, highly reliable and safe propylene valves right here. If you are looking for some other specifications for propylene cylinder valve that is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us right away as our warehouse is stocked with Sherwood propylene valves for every application.

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