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Specialty Gas Valves

Specialty gas valves have a wide range of applications in the gas industry. Many provide system-critical compressed gas solutions. Specialty gas cylinder valves manufactured by Sherwood are designed to offer highest safety and reliability. These industrial specialty natural gas valves are manufactured in the USA by automated processes, ensuring consistency.

  • Made from forged brass, aluminum, silicon bronze, and 303 stainless steel to withstand severe conditions
  • Diaphragm seal is leak-tight & tested under intense conditions
  • Operating torque ensures ease of operation
  • Complete range available w/ standard CGA connections and international inlets / outlets
  • Certain models come with an anti-extrusion pin to prevent seat extrusion
  • The burst disc material is made of nickel 200, copper, stainless steel or platinum-clad nickel
  • The burst pressure at 165 degree F ranges from 3000 psig to 4000 psgi

1032 Series 
1214Y Series
5074 Series
5983 Series
6074 Series
6411 Series
6674 Series

Sherwood’s specialty gas cylinder valves are used in the following gas applications

  • Gas mixtures used in laboratories
  • High purity gases and UHP mixtures
  • Analytical and instrumentation gases
  • EPA protocol gases
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Medical application that uses pharmaceutical gases
  • Corrosive gas applications
  • Cylinder phosphine gas
  • Atmospheric and purging gases
  • Dopant gases and reactant gases
  • Chlorine gas, chlorine liquid
  • Insecticides and fumigants
  • Preservatives and bleaching agents
  • Liquefied gas applications that include refrigerants and flammables
  • Suitable for propane, butane
  • Fuel gas applications and sterilant gas applications

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